Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh, Lordy Lordy

It's time-
For us to leave?
No, for updates!
Well that isn't nearly as fun.
OK, so we'll go in order of levels. You may take this as a surprise, but I'VE been questing in Celestia. Right now I'm level 59, and as the title gave away, I recently got Forest Lord. And MAN has it come in handy!

Speacial thanks to: Alia Lotuspetal, Cassandra Griffindreamer, Mary Dreamshade, and Flint Swiftfist! Although I'm still not done with Celestia even though Zafaria is out ^^"

Um...I'm almost done with Mooshu, but I want to have Colossus first and I'm only 37, so it's side questing for me!

I'm in Hametsu Village! Have been for a while....

I'm wearing a dress.

O...kay.....What she meant to say was that she's level 23 and she has a new look! ...Right?

I'm still wearing a dress. See for yourself!

Isn't it horrible?'re the one who picked it out. Well it was better than the mini-skirt. HA!

Now THAT I wanna see.
Oh, shut up.

Well, I'm level 21....and I'm stuck in the same outfit....'CAUSE NO ONE WILL GIVE ME CASH!
At least it isn't THAT outdated. Scarlet's was like, level 10.

I'm still level 15, and I'm in the same clothes...but I have a Blue Raptor Sword! (Thank you, KI Free Games!)

I'm level 16!!!! And I have the Tranquil Cottage for a house! But there's not really anything in it...... yea.

You're a department.
(Scarlet, half the people here don't know what that references to)
(I don't care.)
We'll be back!
Have fun in Zafaria!
Good luck saving the Spiral!

(Donna = Life, Christina = Ice, Paige = Balance, Scarlet = Death, Nicole = Fire, Alura = Myth, and Brooke = Storm)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Almost. Yes, yes, I almost did.



If you haven't noticed, lately most of the first-generation bloggers have been quitting. Friendly's pretty much half-dead (as Heather put it, a zombie), and there are only a few of us left. And, if you haven't noticed, I haven't been all. And I was almost the next to bite the dust.


But I'm not. Why? Because I actually LOOKED at my blog instead of closing the tab for the first time in, oh, a month. How did that help? One month ago, I had 45 followers. Now I have 48. WOOHOO! That boosted my spirits! Unfortunately, this year's been tough and I have a lot of homework. On the other hand, I've been more outgoing this year. Which is yay, considering last year I had less than a handful of friends, but that's okay. I still won't be posting much, but I'll try to fit them in.