Monday, December 13, 2010

Couple A' Things...Hehe...

SCM (look at previous post for info) is complete. The necklaces are wrapped and hidden in my backpack. Hopefully my mom doesn't plan on any surprise backpack inspections. They wont move out of my backpack until my family arrives and the stockings (we use the one- piece 30's underwear with the flap in the back, for what reason, I have no clue.) start getting filled up. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Speaking of my family...they're coming this Sunday. I'll be on Wizard101 A LOT less. However, they're only staying till December 26th. So, don't expect to see me on except for early in the morning and late a night when I can sneak my lap top up to my room and play under my blankets.


Anyone heard of NaNoWriMo? It stands for National Novel Writing Month. It takes place every November when people set their goal of words (usually 50,000) to write during that month. Our English teacher brought it up during class and held a competition for highest word count. I came in first place with 15,006 and six. The top three got a special prize (I'll show you in a second) and anyone who got to 1,000 words would get three homework passes. OK, so, my special prize (drum roll please).....................................................

(click to enlarge)

So, while you're turning your head and/or computer sideways to see that awesome custom-made T-Shirt, keep in mind that only three people in the world have it. I am one of them.

Alright, that's all I got.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Have a Secret Christmas Mission

Yes. Secret Christmas Mission. SCM for short. Do you think it's a coincidence that it sounds like scum when you say it? I love Christmas. Especially on even years. Because my family from Colorado (remember them from the last post?) come every other year. (200, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, ect.) So, back to SCM. My math teacher, Mrs. G (her last name is hard to pronounce/spell) makes these cool necklaces for 4$ each that you can personalize. You send her the picture you want, or, if it's a common one, you tell her which one you want, and she makes one for you. I decided to get some for my mom, dad, aunt, uncle, and two cousins. It's not as easy as you'd think. See, I don't want my parents to even know I'm getting them present, so I have to do it all secretly. Here's my plan.

  • Email Mrs. G with the links for the pictures I want

  • Give her the 24$ it cost for six of them

  • Get the wrapping paper from Jen, who's sleeping over Saturday

  • Get the necklaces from Mrs. G on Monday (hopefully)

  • Sneak them home in my backpack

  • Hide them somewhere I'll remember until I can wrap them

  • Wrap them without my parents finding me (probably at night)

  • Hide them until the stockings start getting full with presents

  • Wait for everyone to find them in their stockings Christmas morning

Yup. That's the SMC. It's not gonna be easy. Besides, my mom got a little suspicious when I started asking about Mrs. G's email, and where my aunt's favorite place to travel is. (it ended up not having anything to do with Mexico. Whatever.)

My uncle got the iTunes logo, (he loves iTunes) one cousin got a picture of Bob Marley, (he loves Bob Marley) the other cousin got a peace sign, (she has a tattoo of one) my mom got a flamingo (likes flamingos, yea, I don't get it either) my dad got a soccer ball, (he LOVES soccer) and my aunt got a Kokpelli guy. (she loves Kokopelli)

I realize most of you don't know what a Kokopelli is.

That's Kokopelli. He's a cool little guy, huh? Okay, well, wish me luck!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Yea, yea, Thanksgiving, turkey, pilgrims, whatever. OK, since most of you aren't from Mass, you probably won't get my boredom. When you've been wrapped up in all this pilgrims nonsense since 3rd grade, and you've seen the stupid rock, you've seen the Native Americans, you've seen the people dressed up like pilgrims or puritans or turkeys, it gets BORING. Thanksgiving? My opinion? Stupid holiday. It's FOOD for crying out loud! You can have a turkey and gravy and mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce any other time of the year. Another reason for my boredom: TWELVE FREAKING TURKEYS CROSS MY YARD EVERYDAY AND LEAVE US "presents". For whatever reason they disappear around Thanksgiving...COINCIDENCE MUCH? I THINK NOT! *goes forward to 1700's* My great great great (ect. idk how many) grandpa. Josiah Bartlet. Bartlet is not my last name. It's my mom's maiden name, k? Now, if you've been to Bartlet, New Hampshire you've probably seen my relatives. So next time you see a copy of the Declaration of Independence look for his name. Yes, he's signed it. Now, back to Thanksgiving, I'm a picky eater. I don't like turkey. There. I said it. Not to mention I got my nana coming over. I hate it when she comes over. She hates me. You know why? Cause she's exactly like Keira. She's a bully that can't handle the fact that I'm a freak. My mom and dad don't exactly like her either. Why they invite her over year after year? No clue. I would way rather my aunt, uncle, and cousins from Colorado come over, (I actually like them) but the whole Colorado factor is an inconvenience. OK, so, I'll leave you with that rant.


Sunday, November 14, 2010


New Blog. With Amber Rosepetal, Mary Dreamshade, AND Alia Lotuspetal. Check it out. There are four posts, one from each of us, read them all, but the bottom one explains most. That's all I have to say! Bye!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

This thing...tried to EAT ME

I swear, Celestia has it out for me. First the situation with Eeglus, now this? IT'S A GIANT LOBSTER CLAW! HOW CAN IT EAT?!?!?! IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A MOUTH! In the Grotto, they have this giant lobster claw thing. It tried to eat me. I was walking by, and it bit me. I couldn't snag picture of it eating me, but I did get a picture of it.

And while I do realize you're starring up Briar's butt, it was the best shot I could get. OK. Bye! Beware the claw! Bye!

Cya! (Beware the claw!)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

One Word: Bono.

OK, so everyone here has heard of him, and if you haven't, you live in a cave. Am I right?WHAT? YOU DON'T KNOW WHO HE IS? SHAME! SHAME ON YOU CAVE PEOPLE! OK, you'll probably know who he is once I explain it. So, my little cave people, BONO IS THE LEAD SINGER FOR U2! And if you have no clue who U2 is, you, my friend, have some serious issues. In music class Mr. Erickson explained a project on a musical person. We were assigned our person, and for me, that's usually bad news. I almost always get the deadbeat person who you can't find any information on. Well, not this time. I got Bono. If you don't know much about him, you're probably thinking he's a jerk who's gotten too obsessed with his career. Well, except for Mr. Macphisto, (his alter ego of a self-centered rock star and the devil) The Fly, (his alter ego of a stereotypical rock star) and Mirror Ball Man (a parody of American televangelists) which are all stage characters, he's pretty down to earth. Despite spray-painting a statue and saying the "f" word on live television, he's a great humanitarian. I will make a list. Yes, a bulleted list.

  • Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

  • Knighted by Queen Elizabeth III

  • Helps decrease debt in third-world countries

  • Has donated thousands of dollars to AIDS foundations

Most of his songs are based of political troubles too. You heard "In The Name of Love"? MLKJr. assassination. What about "Sunday Bloody Sunday"? A bombing on November 8th, 1989 bombing that left 11 dead and 63 injured. Since he has so many great songs, I'll give you a couple Youtube Links.

First: With or Without You

Now, Sunday Bloody Sunday

And now, In The Name Of Love

As awesome as Bono is, there is still one thing that haunts me........*dramatic music*..........

Oh, Bono...The eighties were not good to anyone.


Monday, November 1, 2010

*kicks wall*

God, I hate puberty. Mood swings over the littlest things, not to mention every-I'm gonna leave that part out. Have you noticed most of my posts are getting kind of edgy? I'll tell you why. POGY ME HONE, KEIRA! I hate her. As far as I'm concerned, she could jump of a cliff and I would stand there and laugh. I know she probably has home problems, but that's no reason to take it out on her peers. Who gives a damn if I wear Crocs, Life Is Good shirts, or baggy pants? It's better than having your circulation cut off from skinny jeans. Hey, I can handle people making fun of me for having my hair in a braid everyday or my clothes. But there's still one thing that pushes me over the top. My best friend, who I've known for years now, wont talk to me. Every time a see her in the hall, she gives me the evil eye. For those of you who think she hates me besides, you're wrong. She plays Wizard101. We go over to each others houses on a weekly basis. But no, in the hall, I'm a zero. A nobody. A freak. And you know what? I do get made fun of for playing Wizard101. And, heck, I'm proud of it. You know what else I get made fun of for? My taste in music. I like mostly nineties bands. I can't stand a minute of that ear-drum-shattering "Baby". I get made fun of for getting good grades. I get made fun of for being creative. I get made fun of for having the friends I have. I get made fun of for being myself. I get made fun of for being in Yearbook. And speaking of Yearbook, guess who decided to join this year? Keira. Ya know why? Cause she only wants certain people in it. Guess what! The art teacher only allows people to be repeated once. And everyone has to be in it. And you know what else? I have been bullied by to of my (used-to-be) best friends. Rachel. Remember that? I knew that fight was coming. I knew for six months. I can also copy and paste an entire facebook fight with a girl named Jordan. But I wont. So, just in case you're wondering why I seem mad, now ya know.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Those of you who have skype will understand this better. I made a Weemee. A Justin Beaver Weemee. Being the Beaver-hater that I am, It's not just any Beaver Weemee. It's a MOCK Beaver Weemee. I figured, since so many of you hate Justin Beaver, that you might like to see it. Here it is!

That kid has never looked better. You may be wondering, why I didn't include a microphone. The answer: HE SINGS LIKE A DROWNING CAT! For those of you nit jobs on here who actually like Beaver, I apologize, but you belong in a psychiatric hospital. I ask a very important question. If you threw a bucket of water at him, would he melt? How long has he been singing? Maybe he's the cause of global warming. I bet, if they exist, Martians from Pluto have to block their ears from his hideous shrieks with space rocks. Seriously, dude, do the universe a favor, STOP. SINGING.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Look at how far we've come.

OK, so I was reading way back on Heather's blog, (Why? I have no clue, I do these things) and it got me thinking about how we've all changed. Remember when Alia had my color clothes instead of white and light green? And when Jessica had the hood, GH robe, and funny boots? God, I loved that outfit. Remember back when I had that grudge against Necromancers? BWAHAHAHAHA! (no offense Necromancers, I was stupid back then) OOH! And when Amber (U.) and I weren't up to our usual comic mischief cause we didn't know each other? It's hard to believe I could go so long without laughing so hard on a regular basis. Remember that funny looking robe Cass had (no offense, it's funny looking to me now cause I don't see it anymore) before she got her one from Smogger? The biggest thing for me was when Alia and Kestrel weren't Grandmasters. I had always looked up to them when I was Adept and Magus, so it's hard to think of them only being Masters. And, since we're on the subject of Alia, remember when her favorite pet was Mister Sasha (or whatever that satyr's name was) instead of Isabella? And, I know it wasn't that long ago, but it was a huge change. Remember when Rachel and I were still friends? But one of the best things I think has happened was that three of my best friends in real life joined Wizard101. And they're bloggers too! Here are their links:
that one's Rebecca's, here's Alura's:
And lastly, here's Jen's:
They're crazy and insane, just like me, so I think you'll like them. Alright, I think I'm done.

Hey, wait what about-


Yea, cause we're all-




And I'm one level higher than most of them!

Why do you feel the need to do that, Nicole.



No way, yours is more fun and more people see it.


Sunday, October 17, 2010


OK, first of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALIA, YOU CHEZ-LOVING MANIAC! I'm at her party this very minute and we're having fun. Heather and I are witches, so why is it we can go swimming in the pool without melting? This question haunts me....ANYWAY I keep trying to get Alia, my pretty, and her little FAIRY too. Here's a picture:
Secondly: I'm gonna get the Massive Fantasy Palace tomorrow. If I don't have too much homework, I'll have some friends over to "break it in". It will the set for POWERS, and new piggle palace. Feel free to stop by. But before you come, you should know I'm very strict. If any people teleport that I find obnoxious, I will send them away. If anyone becomes violent, I will send them away. If a friend gets out of hand, don't take it personally, but I will send you away. Despite the rules, enjoy yourself! Boat tours will be taking place so you can line up for one.
Cya tomorrow!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Some New Stuff

First of all: CELESTIA IS OUT ON THE TR! OK, don't get too excited. In my opinion, it's boring as hell. The only cool stuffs are the new mounts. And the new sea turtle pet is ADORABLE. Second of all, HALLOWEEN RETURNS TO THE SPIRAL! Personally, I'm PSYCHED! I have been waiting for the Hallowe'ens to return since June. JUNE! Why you ask? Because of the super awesome housing item dropped in the Halloween tower. (the tent you can walk into) Third: check out my new widget! It's the thing on the right of my blog. I put some of my favorite songs on it. I really hope you like them too. And before you ask, there is no teen pop junk none as "today's music". *impales Beaver* Fourth: I made a new slide show! I wish I could have put music on it but they removed that application. I would have posted it on here but I ran into a few bugs so I'll just give you the link for it. Last but not least, I have gotten a request, *looks at Jessica accusingly* to post some of POWERS on here. What is POWERS, you ask? It's a book I'm writing. I've decided to post only a bit of it so you can decide whether or not you like it. I know a lot of you loved The Drake Kids so I think you might really like this. Please remember to comment on it and tell me what you thought of it. My fellow writers and creativists (poetic licence :P) know what I'm talking about. When we don't get feedback on our work, we think it was awful. That's why some of the beginning Drake Kids chapters were so spaced out. OK, I'm getting off topic. I'll post a little tidbit now for those of you who'd like to read it.

“Well, I can freeze the structure of objects and cause them to turn into ice.” At that moment a boy with red hair and a buzz cut passed by, rubbed Erica on the head and said, walking away, “Yea, but it still can’t beat my awesome fiery powers!” Erica looked annoyed, “SHUT UP, JAKE!” She yelled as she froze his feet to the ground. “ERICA!” He yelled, immobile. Theresa, Morgan and Genevieve looked at each other and shook their heads. “Siblings.” Genevieve said with a sigh “They can be so aggressive.” Morgan said, still shaking her head. “Tell me about it.” Theresa said simply. “Who was that?” I asked, staring at the kid who was apparently Jake. Erica groaned, “My twin brother.” She said with a scowl. “HELP! HELP! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP I’M STUCK TO THE FLOOR!” He spotted a tall blonde woman in her mid-twenties and flagged her down, “CONSELOR SHEA PLEASE HELP! ERICA FROZE MY FEET TO THE FLOOR!” I was confused, “He can set objects on fire, why can’t he just melt it?” Erica smirked, “He’s not very flexible.” She said, nodding. The counselor walked over to our dinner table, “Did you freeze his legs to the floor?” “Yes.” Erica said sourly, “Did he deserve it?” “Yes.” Erica said again. This time she asked us, “Did he?” I nodded, “Yea, pretty much.” “Alright then.” Jake was starring at Shea, “So what are you gonna do?” he asked franticly. “Nothing.” Shea said as she passed him by.

Alright, I'm gonna go strike more Hallowe'en Horror. See ya!

Friday, September 24, 2010


*has trouble breathing* OK, OK, I think I'm good for now. You know how much of a Percy Jackson nut I am. And there's a sequal, no, NOT, The Kane Series. It's a sequal to Percy Jackson! I know it sounds really bizzarre, but when I finished the series I was increadibly sad. It was a great series, but I was sad I wouldn't be reading it anymore. Yea, the Kane Series is great and it's still Rick Riordan, but, it's no match to Percy's demigod awesomeness. So, mark your calenders for October 15th! Percy Jacksonites, UNITE!

p.s. Yes, I am a big nerd, freak, and weirdo. Deal with it.

Friday, September 17, 2010

(almost) Quitting.

Hey, I'm sorry. But my teachers are piling up the homework this year. We don't exactly have time for a life out of school. So for now, I'll just be on for weekends, until they lighten up on the homework, at least. Maybe, MAYBE, if I have time, I'll TRY and get on during the week. Sadly, this is going to interfere with POWERS so, it may take longer than a year to get through everything.

Speaking of POWERS, it has occured to me you may want to read it. Since some of you really like my writing, let me know! Skype, email (, Wizard101, Facebook, comment, or anything else you can think of. Alright, well I gotta go to homework. Bye for now!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Um, Welcome, Mister Angel?

First of all: yea, yea, test realms remember. Face it. It's been out 3 days. IT'S OLD NEWS! Second of all: *moment of silence* Today is 9-11. CURSE YOU TERRORISTS! Let's blow them up out of their will, see how they like it. Third of all: let's welcome the newest, most mysterious member of the Spellthorn family: Mister Angel. I logged on today (not test realms) to find a brand new adult satyr in my backpack. see for yourself.

I'm too lazy to crop it. :P But...he/she gives me +2 power pips, so I'm not complaining. His nickname will be the random satyr.


Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hey, sorry for not posting lately. Some of you probably thought I got hit by Earl :P. Well, I can assure you I'm not dead. Thing is, I've been really busy working on a book with Jessica. We have decided to make it into a Wizard101 movie. We need 12 more people in it though. We also need sets. If you have a Watchtower Hall or Dragon's Fjord and are willing to loan it to us, please let us know. Here's the actors contract:

Actor’s ‘Contract’ & Details
Details: We will be filming, recording, and editing every weekend. You must attend when possible. We will not pressure you to attend when you cannot though. There will be no auditions. If you are accepted, you are accepted.
During the shooting, you must be wearing the outfit we have assigned for you. While you are waiting for your scene, be patient. We will probably need more than one take to get the scene right. Please do not run in front of the person who is recording it. We will usually have a roped off area for you to run around in. Before we film and while we film, you must have your teleports turned off. The only exception is for a fellow actor. While you are (PATIENTLY) waiting for your scene, you may talk. You must be at the location of the shoot at least 5 minutes before the shoot. We may move locations, so please stay with us. Please be serious while you are acting. Our movie will be based on audio and text (done by editing) based, so there is no script, just movements. We may have a Skype call during the shoot, so please do what you’re asked to. (For example, jump when the directors say to) All final judgements are up to the directors. This is a no tolerance movie, so if you are not cooperating, or are goofing around, you will be expelled immediately (kicked out). We will have breaks occasionally, where you can goof off and stretch out.
For the voice recording, we won’t be as serious. We will be editing heavily. Again, be patient. We will probably need more than one take. I will also have to reset the recorder every scene. Follow the script. Please mute your microphones while we are recording if you’re not talking. If you are talking, please don’t breathe too heavily or type too loud. (We don’t want the entire recording ruined by someone breathing or typing)
You’re welcome to party after all the serious shooting and recording.
Again, goofing off will get you kicked off.
Disclaimer: You may need to use some of your own gold

I know it's long, but if you're auditioning it's mandatory to read it. No line memorization is needed, you may read it right off the script if you have skype. We will be doing a voice over call on sykpe after every scene. Come see me, or Jessica if you want to get a part but weren't on today for the auditions. Speaking of auditions, they'll be held at: 12:00 eastern. There are 8 boy roles left and 4 girl roles left. I'll see you there!

p.s. the book's about super heroes.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Drake Kids


I walked outside Marissa's dorm where I was tackled by Merle Ambrose and Malorn. "Did you know this was coming?" Malorn asked as soon as I walked outside. I shook my head "Did you?" I asked both of them. To my surprise, they both nodded. I couldn't blame them for not telling me, they probably didn't want me to get upset. "Would you like to hold a proper funeral and burial?" Ambrose asked. "Yea." I said, more tears coming, "Yea, I think she'd like that." Merle nodded. "We will hold it tomorrow, at sunset. She will be buried by Blossom." I nodded, and the Headmaster walked away, Gamma ruffling her feathers on his shoulder. Malorn and I looked at each other, but he avoided eye contact. "Well, see ya later." He said after what seemed like hours.

We went to the funeral and burial; where everyone, even Moolinda Wu, Ambrose, and Cyrus, cried. I couldn't sleep that night. I left my dorm, even though it was after curfew, and headed over to where Marissa was buried. To my surprise, Malorn was there. "What are you doing here?!" He said, surprised, "I'll tell you when you tell me what you're doing here." Malorn sighed, and slumped his shoulders, "Well, I was thinking...this really isn't the place to bury the child of Makistaire Drake." I knew what he meant, for I had been thinking the same thing, "So I came out here to move her to a better spot. But the problem is I don't know where to-" I cut him off, "Nightside." I said shortly "Huh?" he said "We'll bury her in Nightside. It's the perfect place for the child of Malistiare. I was thinking that next to Blossom wasn't a great spot either." So we moved her body to a new grave in Nightside. Malorn decided to give Marissa and I some time alone while he went to talk to Marla Stinger. I didn't say anything, just cried. Her headstone was decorated to be half Life and half Death.

Finally Malorn and I went back to Ravenwood. He had to stop by the classroom to pick up some of his things. When he stood up, he said, "Hey, I'm sorry about what happened, I know it must be hard, and I'm sorry I couldn't tell you what was gonna happen but I didn't want you to get upset and-" Yet again, I cut him off. "Hey! It's ok! It's not like it was your fault." We stood in silence for a while. And as I Looked into his deep, grey eyes, we started getting closer and closer and, we kissed.

Well, done with that series. Hope you liked it!

The Drake Kids

Told you.


It took a while but finally, I delivered my last Dark Sprite and Malorn's health went to 0. The whole class gasped, astonished that anyone could defeat The Great Malorn Ashthorn. One after one the class went up. One after one they were all defeated. Everyone. Everyone, but me. We went back to our "classroom" . "Beginners luck." Malorn had said. "You're just jealous because you lost." I teased. It was always like this with us. We fought all the time, but we still liked each other. He was my only friend at Ravenwood, besides Sarai, of course. The bell rang for the day and I went to where Marissa and I usually met, but she wasn't there. Instead, there was Moolinda Wu-standing where Marissa would have-riddling her hooves. "Professor Wu, what are you doing here?" I asked, confused. Moolinda looked nervous. "You're sister was not in class today." Moolinda said. "So?" I said, "She has never missed class before, and I am worried something has happened to her. I would check on her myself, but I do not have access to her dorm. Would you check up on her for me?" "Sure." I said. I took the key she had given me to her dorm and unlocked the door. She was inside, laying in her bed, covers up to her chin. "Why weren't you in class today?" I asked, walking up to her bed. She was pale and shivering. "R-remember what C-cyrus said about t-talking to m-me alone? And ab-bout us following th-the path of our p-parents?" Her voice was rhaspy and quiet, I had to strain to hear her. "Yea..." I said slowly, my heart sinking. Something clicked in my head. "What did he say to you when I was outside?" I sputtered out. There was no answer. "Marissa? Answer me!" I said, almost yelling. "He said-he said that I was that I was going to follow the path of Sylvia Drake. He said I was going to die." There was a long silence, where the only sound you could hear was the sound of my heart breaking. There had to be another way. "No!" I shouted "Sarai-" Marissa started to say, but I cut her off. "But Cyrus said we could change our path! You don't have to die!" I screamed, tears flowing down my face. "Sarai." Marissa said, voice firm, "He said you could change your path. You don't have to try and bring me back. But I-I have to die." "But-but-" I stammered, "Sarai, I am going to die. Accept it. As I have. But you can come too." She said. At first , I didn't understand, then I realized she was asking me to die too. "I cannot. As much as a Necromancer longs for Death, they must wait until it is their time. And it is not my time." Marissa frowned, then smiled. "I'm going to see them again." I didn't have to ask who she was talking about. "Tell mom and dad I said hi." I said, through my tears. "I will." There was another silence, and Marissa spoke up to break it. "If I lay here....If I just lay here...." I remembered the song. It was the song Sylvia sang every night to us, before we fell asleep. I joined Marissa, singing the song I've known since I was born. "Would you lay with me...." our voices were one. "And just forget the world..." We sang for what seemed like hours. Until, finally, it was only me singing. I realized I was alone know, and the tears came even faster.
A bright light, and a cloud opened up at ceiling of the dorm. A woman walked out, she had curly red hair, and green eyes. "Marissa? Are you coming? Your father and I are waiting." Marissa appeared by the woman. "Yea, I'm coming. Are you sure you aren't Sarai?" She sounded like she did when we first met, hesitant, yet sure."I'm sure." I said, sadly. "Ok."Marissa said "I'll miss you." "I'll miss you too. Goodbye Marissa." I looked up, and even in her ghostly form, she was crying. "Bye Sarai. OK Mom." she said to the red-haired woman, who I realized was Sylvia Drake. "Let's go..." Marissa said as she walked up stairs formed in the clouds. The light went out, the cloud disappeared and an icy cold wind blew through the Spiral. At That moment, everyone knew, a Wizard had died.

I have to say, that wasn't easy to write. And as I typed Marissa's last words I could feel my heart sink. Yea, some of you probably aren't gonna be happy I did that.

p.s. that wasn't the end of the series.

The Drake Kids

I really wanna finish it so you're gonna be getting a couple today.


I woke up in bed rubbing my eyes when my alarm ghoul woke me up. He's my favorite pet, but he can get really annoying when it comes to wake up calls. I rushed over to the dueling arena and lined up with my classmates. "You will step into the dueling circle and attempt to defeat me. Whoever wishes to go first may step forward." Malorn explained as he turned around and waited for Diego to give the signal. I yawned and rubbed my eyes, groggy. To my surprise when I opened them the whole class had stepped back. It was 5:30 and I was really out of it. Malorn had said to come early so we could get some class time in afterwards. Malorn turned around. "Sarai? Well then, approach the dueling circle." "What? No! I don't-HUH?" Someone was pushing me forward. I guessed it was the brunette. Next thing I knew I was facing Malorn with numbers counting down between us. First things first, I put down a Death Prism. It was Ghoul after Ghoul after Ghoul, and Vampire after Vampire after Vampire. When my health was at 100 and Malorn's at 700 I cast the Treasure Card Marissa had given me last night: Satyr. "I thought we agreed we wouldn't use spells that cost us Training Points!" Malorn yelled. "You never said anything about Treasure Cards!" I shouted across the dueling circle. Malorn was dumbstruck. After all, he hadn't said anything about Treasure Cards.

The Drake Kids


I walked over to Malorn where he taught us less-experienced Death students on cushions outside the gaping hole that was the Death School. "Sarai," Malorn said, teasing, "You're late." I gave him my signature "Seriously?" look. "Oh no, call the guards! I've committed the serious crime of talking to my uncle Cyrus Drake!" Malorn's jaw dropped. The whole class looked at me. "I take it you guys know the legend then?" A few of the students nodded. Malorn took a breath. "Yea." he said solemnly, "We do." There was a long silence. Some students looked at me in shock; others took a sudden interest in their books, or shoelace. "OK, now that that's been said, what did I miss?" One of the younger students spoke up: "Tomorrow we'll be taking a field trip!" He said with gusto. I looked at Malorn, "To the dueling arena." He said simply. "You will each be facing..." some students to guesses when he paused "A lost soul?" an older brunette asked "I bet it's Lady Blackhope!" said a girl my age. "All good guesses but no." The brunette looked agitated, which wasn't uncommon for a Death student "Then who will we be facing?" An evil grin was painted across Malorn's face, "Me." The whole class groaned. I snickered, covering my mouth. There was no more talk bout the field trip that class. Instead we discussed the effects of the spell Poison: the advantages and the disadvantages. When the bell rang again I met up with Marissa by Bartleby. We went to our dorm to practice dueling. Where, I discovered, Satyr is really annoying.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Drake Kids


Cyrus looked shaken. "You are-" he said slowly "-the children of Sylvia and Malistaire Drake?" Marissa and I looked at each other, then nodded. As odd as it was, Cyrus had tears in his eyes. All my friends, even in the Myth school, said Cyrus was the toughest, meanest teacher they've ever had. Cyrus turned around, and doug out an old book from his personal library. Blowing the dust off the cover, he opened to a page. At that moment a young Myth student came in. "Professer Drake, I had a question about-" "OUT! We must not be interrupeted!" Cyrus yelled. The Myth student jumped and ran out, scared. He turned the book towards us, and I read the title at the top of the page: "The Drake Prophesy..." I said. Cyrus looked up. "The Prophesy states that you two will follow in your parents' footsteps." I didn't know what this meant. I looked at Marissa, and it appeared that she didn't either. "However, Sarai, you may shape your future, if you trust in your heart." The bell rang for class. "Come on, let's go." I said. "Marissa," Cyrus announced as we were about to leave, "Could I talk to you for minute-in private?" "Sure." Marissa said. I walked out, and waited for Marissa. When she came out, her eyes were red. "What happened?" I inquired, "Nothing." she said quickly, sniffling, "Let's go."

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Blog! (yes, I know it's my third)

Well, I made a new blog today. Here, check it out Well, that's all I have to say.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cassandra's goin Away Party

If you've been on Facebook, you've probably seen my post about "Tonight being a nice night for a party..." Well, we had one. Totally last minute, totally crazy, totally awesome. Since Cassandra (L) is gonna quit, Amber and I decided to throw a going away party. I sent her a message on Facebook telling her to port to me at 8:00 east. At 5:00 Amber and I started decorating my house to have a skylight. I'll give feed of all the events.

[6:00] I start building stairs to the sky.

[6:30] Dinner.

[7:00] Stairs to the sky start to fail.

[7:15] New stairs to the sky work.

[7:30] We reach the sky!

[7:31] Cassandra ports early and I tell her it's for a friend's B-day party.

[7:40] We finish the dining table and decorations!

[7:43] We fix up the mannequin to look like Cassandra.

[7:44] Guests arrive and we put on the finishing touches.

[7:55] Guests are released and Cassandra comes! The party begins.

[8:30] We sing "For She's a Jolly Good Fellow".

[9:00] Party ends.

Here are the pictures.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

These Boots Need to be Broken In

Well, I got my Grand boots today. Now if only I had the crowns to stitch them to Youkai's....Oh well, I'll have crowns in one or two days. Now I need to farm Kraysys for my hat. And then, sadly, the Gurtoks. But since I only have 31 crowns, and I won't have any for a few days, for now I'll just be wearing the un-stitched Grand Gear. I don't really like the look of Dragonspyre gear, except on certain people, even if they DO have great stats. Unfortunately, I've never been one of the people who can pull it off. I would show you a picture but my internet is having issues. So uh...I'm off to Kraysys! See ya in the Spiral!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Here's to you, Aaron, for Not Being a Jerk.

Remember my last post about the PvP stuff? Well, I realized it all comes with a price. Warlords. Many of them get cocky with their power and become a complete and utter jerk. When we went into one PvP, we noticed there was a Warlord in the midst. Keeping it friendly, I cautiously started conversation to see if he was gonna be a problem. It turns out, he wasn't. He was polite and friendly. His name was Aaron Stormcloud, if I recall correctly. He's the nicest Warlord I've met so far (if you are reading this, and you're a Warlord, I probably don't know it). Looking back at it, I regret not adding him. Sure, he won the fight, but he was nice enough to feel OK about it. He also gave us some tips concerning PvP gear. This post is dedicated to you, Aaron. Here's hoping that you can spread your kindness to the stuck up Warlords in the PvP world. *toast to Aaron with fancy juice*

The Spiral Girls

Lately I've been doing PvP with three other people. These people are Amber Rosepetal, Victoria Frostbreeze, and Destiny Dreamsong. Since we make such a great team and we do it together so much, we call ourselves the Spiral Girls. Out of about 10 4v4 matches, we've only lost 2.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bad Connection

I just wanted to let you know my connection has been really bad lately. So if you see my log off randomly and not come back on for a while, you know why. OK, that's about it sooooo...SEE YA!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Yup. I finally made one. She's dressed in Storm stuff so I put her in my pond. See for yourself!

Yea, I turned invisible in this picture.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Ore.

The progress on my mannequin is going well. I'm halfway there on ore, but I'm struggling on the fossils. Here, check it out for yourself.

(click to enlarge)

I hope I can make it today. I'll post again when I've made my mannequin.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Lately in Wizard101, I've been trying to make a mannequin. I must say, it's NOT easy. Just today I got all 15 of the black pearls it requires. Next, I move on to scrap iron. 2 scrap iron down...23 to go. For those of you who don't know the mannequin recipe, here it is.

(click to enlarge)

I've decided to collect the rarest stuff first, then move on to the things you can buy. This is gonna take a while, but I'll keep you updated on my progress!

I'm Donna Spellthorn, and these are The Mannequin Diaries.

Friday, July 30, 2010


You may have seen one of Kestrel's posts where she says something along the lines of "Getting Rufus to adult" I'll now explain why. We made the decision to hatch! My Pixie Queen, Isabella, and her Danger Hound, Rufus. We did it today at about 40,000 gold. What did we get you ask? OK, so, it may seem bizarre, but we both got Ghost Hounds. I: WHAT? YOU DON'T BELIEVE US? Well fine. Here ya go.

I still don't know what I'm gonna name him though. Kestrel named it Misty and I think it's a great name. Hmmm. OOH! Maybe Shadow?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No Regrets.

To put an end to these questions, I made this post. Yes, I removed Rachel Windtalon. Do I care? No. She's never been what I call, "a good friend". She made me promise not to get to Grandmaster before her, but she didn't see me crossing my fingers. She dug the end of her eraser-free pencil into my hand, hard. I woke up the next morning, wondering what the circular depressions on my hands and arms were. We got in a fight, and everything I had been hiding from her came out. Ask Heather, she was there for it. And if Rachel is reading this, I would like her to know that I could call the cops. This is known as "harassment" and it's illegal. Ever heard of Phoebe Prince? She hung herself because of what's happening to me. And sadly, I can't say that that thought has never crossed my mind. Now that I'm being bullied, and cyber-bullied, I must ask you not to make my life an worse by defending Rachel.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Drake Kids

I'm sorry, but I have to write this while the music still inspires me. Read the first chapter, (yes, I'm doing two) then try and guess what song I'm listening to.


I bit my lip. You probably don't know this feeling, but when you hear all this bad stuff about your parents that you never knew, and then find out they're dead, you feel a hole mix of emotions at once. Anger, betrayal, fear, sympathy, and then sadness. It felt like when you have a pet that you raised since it was a baby then it just died out of nowhere. I felt something warm and wet fall down my cheek. I hadn't cried since I was four. I looked over at Marissa, she was crying too. But something else too, she was humming. The song sounded familiar. Then she started singing, her voice sounded like the sweetest honey, " Let's waste time, chasing ca-ars...." Professor Ambrose looked up suddenly, "How do you know that song?" "I don't know, I've known it since I was a baby." Marissa explained. "That was your mother's favorite song," Ambrose said solemnly. There was a long silence. I looked down at my feet while Marissa twirled her hair around her finger. Marissa's eyes got real wide all of a sudden, "Professor Drake...." She mumbled. Ambrose seemed to know what she was talking about. "Of course! He might be able to tell you something about your parents that I can't." I looked from Marissa to Ambrose and back to Marissa, "Who is Professor Drake?!?" I exclaimed, Marissa answered, "The Myth Professor, and our Uncle Cyrus."


"We'll meet him after classes tomorrow, after all, it's getting late." I said definitively. Marissa nodded in agreement. I took a tour of all the classes, which included my tutor, Malorn Ashthorn. And I have to admit, he was cute. He told me that to cast a spell, I had to throw the card on the ground, draw the symbol of the school of the spell with my wand, and whisper my words of power. Questing was finished easily, and Malorn even taught me a new spell for Death students only. Before I knew it, it was time to meet Marissa by Rainbow Bridge. We walked into the Myth school. It was decorated like a mustard squeeze bottle exploded all over the place. Cyrus looked up at us, an expression of sheer boredom painted upon his face. "What do you want?" he said drearily. "Aren't you glad to see us," Marissa paused "Uncle Cyrus." His eyes widened. "You have some explaining to do." I said pointedly.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Drake Kids

Before I begin, let me explain why I do two chapters in one day. I left off on a cliff hanger, so I don't want to leave you "hanging". Hope you enjoy, this is the part where the story gets good...


We arrived at the Headmaster's house, to find Ambrose with his nose in a book. We waited for about 15 minutes for him to look up, but he never did. Finally, Marissa spoke up, "Headmaster Ambrose?" she said, trying to get his attention. He looked up, startled, then sighed, seeing us together must have been bad news. "Oh, dear..." He muttered, shaking his head. "It appears you have found your identical twin," I didn't know which one of us he was talking to, as he looked at the space between us. "So?" I said aggressively, "We're twins, so what? We're no different than any other twins in the Spiral!" He shook his head, disappointed "If only it were that simple. You two, are the children, of Sylvia and Malistaire Drake!" Marissa's expression is hard to describe. She was...dumbstruck? Flabbergasted? Astonished? There isn't a word in the dictionary good enough. "W-what?!" She managed. I had no idea who these people were, and why Ambrose looked so worried. "What are you talking about?" I shouted. Marissa explained: "Malistaire was the old Death professor, and Sylvia was the old Life professor, they were married." I noticed that she kept saying "was" "Well, what happened to them then?" It was Ambrose' turn to explain this time "Sylvia died after a terrible cold, and then Malistaire went through the Spiral trying to bring her back-" Marissa jumped in "But he was found and defeated by a group of wizards before he could bring her back." Now it was my turn to be dumbstruck, "So, our parents are dead?" Marissa then took great interest in her shoe "Yup, pretty much."

The Drake Kids


I was too busy with enrollment to go to my classes at all today, so as soon as school was almost out I headed to the Life School. It made be want to barf, it was so alive, but we had agreed to meet here so I couldn't leave. As soon as class was out I bombarded Marissa. She screamed as we both toppled to the ground. "AH! Why did you attack me?!?!?!?" She asked as I held her to the ground. I just flashed her a mad smile as I let go. She got up, brushing the dirt off of her novice clothing when she muttered to herself: "All Death Wizards are insane, I swear." "That's all in a matter of opinion, and in my opinion you're the insane one." I countered. Changing the subject, I inquired, "So why did you bring me here anyway?" She gave me a look like: You really need to ask that? " Well, duh! We look almost exactly alike! That's rare, even in the Wizarding World!" She pointed out, "So?" I said "When there are Wizard twins, they're twin for a reason. We have to talk to Headmaster Ambrose!"

Saturday, July 10, 2010

This Has Gone Too Far.

I don't know why you've been doing this, but I don't like it. When I ask you to stop doing something, I should think you would respect my wishes. Apparently not. There are two people have been doing this. I have asked them a million times to stop and they won't. I already get bullied in school guys, I don't want it on here too. Christina just high-tailed it out of the Ironworks because of one of these two people. ON HER OWN QUEST, NONETHELESS!

Monday, July 5, 2010


(No, I'm not quitting.)

First of all: I apologize for not being on today. But I have a good excuse! I was zip lining! Incredibly cool, incredibly fun! Too bad it was so hot today.... But I'm afraid that I STILL won't be on much. I have Drama Camp for the entire month of July. I'll be on when I can, and days we're off, like Saturdays, Sundays and Fridays. (not an overnight camp) I begin at 8:30 and end at 3:00 . Drama Camp is a lot of fun and I find that the instructors are a little insane, kinda like us, huh? Another reason I wont be on: I don't play on Donna much anymore. Christina's just more fun now that I'm a Grandmaster. In fact....................I've given Christina her own blog!

Yup. Check me out at Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm Ba-ack!

(Note: some of the following pictures contain nude statues)

I thought I'd show you some of my pictures that we took while we were in Western Massachusetts.

IT'S LENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While we were walking The Bridge of Flowers we found a cat on it. I looked at his collar and it said Lenny. :) He was wicked cute and wicked friendly and he must have been a well-known cat around the neighborhood. The reason I know is cause we saw a portrait of him in a paint shop. O.o The only difference was in the portrait he didn't have his collar on.

We went to Lenox and there were bronze statues placed all around it. This was on of them.

Yea...I don't know what's up with this one either...LUMPY!


It reminds me of the Venus de Milo.

This one was one of my personal favorites. She's a beach bum......

How can someone possibly bend like that? It must really hurt.

It looks like these two are acrobats in Cirque de Sole.

We found pennies on both of her hands. No idea why.

You can see part of my arm in this one.

My mom's personal favorite. Though it's nude.

Norman Rockwell Museum entrance.
I hope you've all heard the song Alice's Restaurant! Turns out, it's a real place and my Mom and I ate there.

Friday, June 25, 2010


First of all: The adept you once knew is now a full-blown Grandmaster. It was long and tedious but I finally did it! Oh yea, and I dinged Grand on the same day as Cody. Coincidence perhaps? Yea...we kinda quested together until we both go into the Forum. BUT I DID MALISTIARE BEFORE HIM! Being a Grandmaster, I have to say, I don't feel any different. The only thing is, looking back at all I've been through: the day I started out on W101, the day I started blogging, everything; it feels weird thinking about being a Novice and now a Grand. But the ironic thing when I leveled up: I was doing a side quest in Ds for around 2080 xp, when I finished, I was about 120 xp away. -.- Now I have a bunch of people asking me if I want to do Briskbreeze, which I can't until like Tuesday. (I'll explain that in a bit) AND NO, MARY, I DO NOT WANT YOUR PIE!

OK, second thing: Going on vacation today...ehehe....BUT the hotel I'm staying at has Wifi so I'll still be on, just not as much. That's why I can't do Briskbreeze. OK, that's about it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Ninjas: Dark and Light

Recently, I created two new, er, "alter egos". The Dark, and Light Ninjas. Because I spend so much time as them, I thought I'd tell you about them. First: The Dark Ninja.

She's completely evil, and nothing gets in her way. Her weapons: dual swords and throwing stars. Though she only carries one sword at a time, the other is hidden on her person. She carries a pouch by her hip, and she rarely uses it unless she gets really angry. For, it is, a poison pouch. It contains deadliest poison known to man and wizard. It takes 48 hours to actually kill the victim, but the pain is unbearable. As for the throwing stars, she keeps them in her boots. She never misses, and if you engage her in battle, unless your her sister, your not coming out of the battle unless Light Ninja shows up. Her curved sword bares many a bloodstain, and no one but Light Ninja has survived a battle with her. She has also been known to disguise as her sister to lure her victims into thinking they're safe. The only way you can tell them apart is there swords. She wears her badge proudly: Ninja Slayer.

Now for her identical twin sister, Light Ninja.

The exact opposite of Dark Ninja: a true savior of the Spiral. Her mortal enemy is Dark Ninja, and she does everything she can to stop her. They are locked in mortal combat for eternity. Dark and Light Ninja cannot die. They are immortal, and whenever they are hurt, they regenerate. Light Ninja only has one sword, and the pouch on her hip is for healing. It counteracts Dark Ninja's poison. It can also be used to heal anything else. She also wears her badge proudly: Sword Saint.

And now, their similarities.

No one knows their real names. They are only known as Dark and Light Ninja. No one knows how they regenerate themselves, but there is suspicion that their DNA is mixed with plasma. They are identical twins. If they want or need to, they will kill whoever they want to. They are the most powerful beings ever created in the Spiral and they cannot be beaten.

I think I'll have to make a story about them after The Drake Kids don't you?