Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Drake Kids

Told you.


It took a while but finally, I delivered my last Dark Sprite and Malorn's health went to 0. The whole class gasped, astonished that anyone could defeat The Great Malorn Ashthorn. One after one the class went up. One after one they were all defeated. Everyone. Everyone, but me. We went back to our "classroom" . "Beginners luck." Malorn had said. "You're just jealous because you lost." I teased. It was always like this with us. We fought all the time, but we still liked each other. He was my only friend at Ravenwood, besides Sarai, of course. The bell rang for the day and I went to where Marissa and I usually met, but she wasn't there. Instead, there was Moolinda Wu-standing where Marissa would have-riddling her hooves. "Professor Wu, what are you doing here?" I asked, confused. Moolinda looked nervous. "You're sister was not in class today." Moolinda said. "So?" I said, "She has never missed class before, and I am worried something has happened to her. I would check on her myself, but I do not have access to her dorm. Would you check up on her for me?" "Sure." I said. I took the key she had given me to her dorm and unlocked the door. She was inside, laying in her bed, covers up to her chin. "Why weren't you in class today?" I asked, walking up to her bed. She was pale and shivering. "R-remember what C-cyrus said about t-talking to m-me alone? And ab-bout us following th-the path of our p-parents?" Her voice was rhaspy and quiet, I had to strain to hear her. "Yea..." I said slowly, my heart sinking. Something clicked in my head. "What did he say to you when I was outside?" I sputtered out. There was no answer. "Marissa? Answer me!" I said, almost yelling. "He said-he said that I was that I was going to follow the path of Sylvia Drake. He said I was going to die." There was a long silence, where the only sound you could hear was the sound of my heart breaking. There had to be another way. "No!" I shouted "Sarai-" Marissa started to say, but I cut her off. "But Cyrus said we could change our path! You don't have to die!" I screamed, tears flowing down my face. "Sarai." Marissa said, voice firm, "He said you could change your path. You don't have to try and bring me back. But I-I have to die." "But-but-" I stammered, "Sarai, I am going to die. Accept it. As I have. But you can come too." She said. At first , I didn't understand, then I realized she was asking me to die too. "I cannot. As much as a Necromancer longs for Death, they must wait until it is their time. And it is not my time." Marissa frowned, then smiled. "I'm going to see them again." I didn't have to ask who she was talking about. "Tell mom and dad I said hi." I said, through my tears. "I will." There was another silence, and Marissa spoke up to break it. "If I lay here....If I just lay here...." I remembered the song. It was the song Sylvia sang every night to us, before we fell asleep. I joined Marissa, singing the song I've known since I was born. "Would you lay with me...." our voices were one. "And just forget the world..." We sang for what seemed like hours. Until, finally, it was only me singing. I realized I was alone know, and the tears came even faster.
A bright light, and a cloud opened up at ceiling of the dorm. A woman walked out, she had curly red hair, and green eyes. "Marissa? Are you coming? Your father and I are waiting." Marissa appeared by the woman. "Yea, I'm coming. Are you sure you aren't Sarai?" She sounded like she did when we first met, hesitant, yet sure."I'm sure." I said, sadly. "Ok."Marissa said "I'll miss you." "I'll miss you too. Goodbye Marissa." I looked up, and even in her ghostly form, she was crying. "Bye Sarai. OK Mom." she said to the red-haired woman, who I realized was Sylvia Drake. "Let's go..." Marissa said as she walked up stairs formed in the clouds. The light went out, the cloud disappeared and an icy cold wind blew through the Spiral. At That moment, everyone knew, a Wizard had died.

I have to say, that wasn't easy to write. And as I typed Marissa's last words I could feel my heart sink. Yea, some of you probably aren't gonna be happy I did that.

p.s. that wasn't the end of the series.

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