Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Drake Kids


I walked outside Marissa's dorm where I was tackled by Merle Ambrose and Malorn. "Did you know this was coming?" Malorn asked as soon as I walked outside. I shook my head "Did you?" I asked both of them. To my surprise, they both nodded. I couldn't blame them for not telling me, they probably didn't want me to get upset. "Would you like to hold a proper funeral and burial?" Ambrose asked. "Yea." I said, more tears coming, "Yea, I think she'd like that." Merle nodded. "We will hold it tomorrow, at sunset. She will be buried by Blossom." I nodded, and the Headmaster walked away, Gamma ruffling her feathers on his shoulder. Malorn and I looked at each other, but he avoided eye contact. "Well, see ya later." He said after what seemed like hours.

We went to the funeral and burial; where everyone, even Moolinda Wu, Ambrose, and Cyrus, cried. I couldn't sleep that night. I left my dorm, even though it was after curfew, and headed over to where Marissa was buried. To my surprise, Malorn was there. "What are you doing here?!" He said, surprised, "I'll tell you when you tell me what you're doing here." Malorn sighed, and slumped his shoulders, "Well, I was thinking...this really isn't the place to bury the child of Makistaire Drake." I knew what he meant, for I had been thinking the same thing, "So I came out here to move her to a better spot. But the problem is I don't know where to-" I cut him off, "Nightside." I said shortly "Huh?" he said "We'll bury her in Nightside. It's the perfect place for the child of Malistiare. I was thinking that next to Blossom wasn't a great spot either." So we moved her body to a new grave in Nightside. Malorn decided to give Marissa and I some time alone while he went to talk to Marla Stinger. I didn't say anything, just cried. Her headstone was decorated to be half Life and half Death.

Finally Malorn and I went back to Ravenwood. He had to stop by the classroom to pick up some of his things. When he stood up, he said, "Hey, I'm sorry about what happened, I know it must be hard, and I'm sorry I couldn't tell you what was gonna happen but I didn't want you to get upset and-" Yet again, I cut him off. "Hey! It's ok! It's not like it was your fault." We stood in silence for a while. And as I Looked into his deep, grey eyes, we started getting closer and closer and, we kissed.

Well, done with that series. Hope you liked it!

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