Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Drake Kids

I really wanna finish it so you're gonna be getting a couple today.


I woke up in bed rubbing my eyes when my alarm ghoul woke me up. He's my favorite pet, but he can get really annoying when it comes to wake up calls. I rushed over to the dueling arena and lined up with my classmates. "You will step into the dueling circle and attempt to defeat me. Whoever wishes to go first may step forward." Malorn explained as he turned around and waited for Diego to give the signal. I yawned and rubbed my eyes, groggy. To my surprise when I opened them the whole class had stepped back. It was 5:30 and I was really out of it. Malorn had said to come early so we could get some class time in afterwards. Malorn turned around. "Sarai? Well then, approach the dueling circle." "What? No! I don't-HUH?" Someone was pushing me forward. I guessed it was the brunette. Next thing I knew I was facing Malorn with numbers counting down between us. First things first, I put down a Death Prism. It was Ghoul after Ghoul after Ghoul, and Vampire after Vampire after Vampire. When my health was at 100 and Malorn's at 700 I cast the Treasure Card Marissa had given me last night: Satyr. "I thought we agreed we wouldn't use spells that cost us Training Points!" Malorn yelled. "You never said anything about Treasure Cards!" I shouted across the dueling circle. Malorn was dumbstruck. After all, he hadn't said anything about Treasure Cards.

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