Monday, March 5, 2012

Two More Bite The Dust

Alia and I have always been friends, at least, throughout my blogging experience. She was the second blogger that I met in the Spiral. The first was Kestrel.

On this day, seconds before I wrote this, she clicked 'publish' on her last post.

So I think it's right that I make my last post today, too.

I've always thought of this blog as one that's not popular, but that a lot of people know about. Why? Because when ever I went to a party, someone would say "Hey Donna! I love your blog." I remember how good that would make me feel every time I read that.

Sadly, I'm not gonna see that anymore.

I may still play Wizard101, I don't know yet. My twitter (@Happyfreak107) and my skype (Which will be changed to Happyfreak107) will stay up, because I still love this community. If you're looking for some art, my deviantArt page is

I'll probably make another blog later on. Things on there will be book reviews, movie reviews, and probably some art that I've done. If/when I do make that, the first place the link's going is twitter.

Thanks for all the support, I'll never forget you guys.

Cya, for good this time.