Thursday, March 24, 2011

Upcoming Events + A Short, School-Related Rant

First of all, sorry, no Seven today. Sorry if I let you down, but I'll post more of it this weekend. It's just hard to find time to write it on school days.

And, here it comes, the rant! So we started on the reproductive system in Life Science class today. Actually, I'm not going to say anything about how "weird" or "disturbing" it is. My dad is a COLLEGE HEALTH AND FITNESS TEACHER. I was five when he started telling me about mitochondria. Is it any wonder I have an A is Science Class? I think not. But as I was saying, I'm here to rant about how immature everyone's being. OH. MY. GOD. It's how you were born, it's how your parents were born, it's how most of your pets were born, it's how every mammal (accepting the platypus, freaky little creature...) in the history of the world was born. GET OVER YOURSELF! You can't live without 'em, everyone person on the planet has 'em, so suck it up and DO YOUR WORK! It's just part of life. (by the way, for those of you who don't know how it works, don't ask me, I'll leave that to your parents and teachers.) You can't go on believe that storks bring children. You want kids one day, don't you?

So, now that we're done with that, what you've all been waiting for. Spring is here, even though we got snow last night (CURSE YOU, NEW ENGLAND WEATHER!), and that means it's the start of butterfly season. I've raised butterflies from caterpillars two years previous, and now I'm doing it again. I know you always see little kids in those commercials, but it's not childish at all. It's really cool. To see those tiny little caterpillars (eggs, sometimes, depending on when they arrive) turn into cocoons, and then butterflies? It's the coolest thing ever! You get to feed them, and watch them grow, they may look skittish, but they really trust you. When I let mine go, there was one that didn't wanna come out. I stuck my finger into their container, and it climbed onto it. When I lifted my finger up, it didn't fly away until it was outside. So I'm going to order them again this year. Either five or ten, it depends if you can get the special order online, I already have the holder. Perhaps you picked up on the hints? This time, I'm sharing it with you. Yup! A video everyday, posted up here...hopefully...there may be no videos some days, and a couple another. But the really awesome thing is, after you release them, you'll see them around your house. And, the next spring and summer, you'll see their descendants, even though they've never even been to the place you released them. Oh, and in the videos, once they become butterflies, you'll see these red blotches in places. Don't worry, it's not butterfly blood. It's...uh....their...uh....waste...products........ANYWAY........................


Sunday, March 20, 2011


Chapter Two
She had green eyes that lit up like flames, and brown hair put up into pigtails tat stuck out of the side of her head. She struck me as a hippie at first, ripped, bell-bottom jeans, flowery shirt, and dirty, worn sandals. “Sorry,” she said, helping me up and dusting off her jeans. “I was in a rush, I was trying to-” Get away from something watching you. She didn’t have to finish the sentence. I knew what she was going to say. “Never mind. You’d think I was crazy if I told you. My name’s Kimberly, by the way.” Looking at all the scattered seed packets (among which was an ipod), I said “I’m Allison, why are you carrying all these seeds?” She grinned, picking up her belongings “Follow me.”
She led me to a little spot in the center of town that I didn’t even know existed. It was hidden from sight by buildings, and it didn’t look like it belonged to any of them, because if it did, it would be in much better shape. I stood knee-deep in weeds, which surrounded a moldy fountain—on which rats were crawling—and overrun a couple of classic park benches. “It was ten times worse when I found it.” Kimberly said. “I asked each of the owners of the buildings if they wanted it, and they said no, so I asked them if I could have it. They said it was a dirty old park that couldn’t be fixed, so they let me have it. Said no matter how much I weeded it would stay the same. But they don’t know me. I’ve got the greenest thumb around, and I can fix up any garden ‘til it’s lusher than the Garden of Eden ever was, no matter how bad a state of repair it’s in. Wanna help?” I looked around; it was going to be some project, but I wasn’t one to back down from a challenge. So I said, “Sure.”
Then that feeling came back. That feeling that someone was watching me, only this time, it felt threatening. I looked around, no one was there, but I could see Kimberly felt it too.
Have to get away.
Something told me, “Uh, I really should get going.” I said, “I mean, it’s getting late, my parents’ll be worried. But I’ll meet you here tomorrow.” Kimberly nodded absently, looking around for what was causing the odd feeling, “Yea…yea, I should get going. See ya tomorrow.” She said.
We parted and I ran off towards home, wondering what tat strange feeling was.
Something weird’s going on here. That feeling, it wasn’t right, it was like someone was trying to watch me, find out what makes me tick. Part of me thought, Don’t be ridiculous! The other part of me argued, You’re being paranoid, it’s nothing. I tried to convince myself, Then how come Kimberly could feel it too? Admit it! Something strange is happening. I thought, but then something else came to my realization, You don’t know that she felt it! For all that you know, she could have been looking at a bird or something, it doesn’t mean she’s as psychologically messed up as you are. But I still couldn't believe that nothing weird was happening, You saw the look on her face! She felt it too, she knows there was something happening!
It kept going on back and forth like that all the way home, I felt like a yo-yo, going back and forth, back and forth.
Even when I reached home, I was still oblivious to everything. When I barged in the front door, my mom told me something, can’t remember what, just went straight up to my room. Fell back onto my bed, covered my face with a pillow. Tried to come up with an explanation, couldn’t think of any. Instead I passed out on my bed, my brain was overworked from trying to figure out exactly what happened and why. Next thing I knew, my mom was calling me down for dinner.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Before I begin, *shoves Jane out of the way* (trust me, you REALLY don't want to know), sorry about that last post. I've hit a pothole on the rode of life and Wizard101 just isn't enough to get rid of all the stress anymore. You remember Kira? It's gotten worse. And SOMEONE I know needs to make a decision.'re probably wondering why this post is entitled "Seven". WEEEELLLLLL........(No Jane, not yet, STOP BUGGING ME!) So I was out walking the other day and I started thinking about Wizard101. And, well, I got an idea. For the record, I am NOT abandoning POWERS, so don't freak out, Jessica. There's no rule that says I can't work on two projects at the same time. I may or may not finish it, it depends on how much support I get from you guys. Finished or not, I'll make a tab for it by The Drake Kids. It may be the only thing up for a while, depends on whether or not I get a good idea for a post worth posting. So, uh, let's get started. (OK, Jane, now.)

Chapter 1:

July Seventh, 2007. That day. That was the day everything changed. Don't get me wrong, it was a completely normal first. My name's Allison, by the way. Allison Sandforge. But back then it was just Allison. I was just walking on the beach, thinking about why I even put up with the people at school who tease me for my “abnormality”. I could do things, things that I didn’t know what they were. Once our class was outside for the first time in spring, and there was a lot of sand for the ice on the pavement from that winter. I got mad, and suddenly, there was a sandstorm brewing. It chased after the girls who had made me mad, and by the time the teacher was back and my temper was under control, it was just…gone. And when I was in trouble, if there was a salamander nearby, it would just come up and stand next to me.
I dug my toes into the sand. I guess kids made fun of me because I was good at everything. And I mean everything. MVP in track, soccer, softball, lacrosse AND competitive swimming. Not to mention I was an A+ student in every class, made great projects in art class, and all the teachers just loved me. I was perfect in everything I did. And I hated it. See, try as I might, there was nothing I really loved to do.
Until we learned about the dessert in Geography. Now that was cool. The sand, the heat, the blazing white heat of the sun and the constant struggle to live, it made me come alive. Of course, with the dessert came Egypt, and that was even better. The history of it all, the strange allure of mummification, ancient kings, the epic battle between Moses and his own brother, Ramses, to set his people free from slavery, the gods, the pyramids, and the Nile, the lifeblood of Egypt!
I ditched my sandals, didn’t want them, didn’t need them. Ran across the sand, let my feet touch the cool sand, felt it shift underneath my weight. Cart wheeled over the sand, did a front-flip in the air, started to run faster, but then I felt something…someone was watching me. It wasn’t a bad feeling though, it felt like a good presence. But still, it made me feel uncomfortable. I had to get away from it, quickly. I wanted to go the park in the center of town, but it was so far away. I thought about it, thought about the little white gazebo, the people laughing and playing, dogs catching Frisbees, old people sitting on the maple wood benches feeding bread crumbs to pigeons. And then, the park wasn’t a thought anymore, it was real, I was there. How did this happen? I thought. I was just at the beach a second ago…that’s impossible…I—someone bumped into me and knocked me to the ground. I looked up at the culprit. She looked so familiar…like I was supposed to know her, from a dream or something, like it was destiny that made her bump into me.
“Hey…” she said, completely unfazed by the fact that she had knocked us both to the ground, but she looked the same way I felt. Like we were supposed to meet.
I'll post more of that tomorrow, if not today. So please comment, and let me know what you think!