Thursday, March 24, 2011

Upcoming Events + A Short, School-Related Rant

First of all, sorry, no Seven today. Sorry if I let you down, but I'll post more of it this weekend. It's just hard to find time to write it on school days.

And, here it comes, the rant! So we started on the reproductive system in Life Science class today. Actually, I'm not going to say anything about how "weird" or "disturbing" it is. My dad is a COLLEGE HEALTH AND FITNESS TEACHER. I was five when he started telling me about mitochondria. Is it any wonder I have an A is Science Class? I think not. But as I was saying, I'm here to rant about how immature everyone's being. OH. MY. GOD. It's how you were born, it's how your parents were born, it's how most of your pets were born, it's how every mammal (accepting the platypus, freaky little creature...) in the history of the world was born. GET OVER YOURSELF! You can't live without 'em, everyone person on the planet has 'em, so suck it up and DO YOUR WORK! It's just part of life. (by the way, for those of you who don't know how it works, don't ask me, I'll leave that to your parents and teachers.) You can't go on believe that storks bring children. You want kids one day, don't you?

So, now that we're done with that, what you've all been waiting for. Spring is here, even though we got snow last night (CURSE YOU, NEW ENGLAND WEATHER!), and that means it's the start of butterfly season. I've raised butterflies from caterpillars two years previous, and now I'm doing it again. I know you always see little kids in those commercials, but it's not childish at all. It's really cool. To see those tiny little caterpillars (eggs, sometimes, depending on when they arrive) turn into cocoons, and then butterflies? It's the coolest thing ever! You get to feed them, and watch them grow, they may look skittish, but they really trust you. When I let mine go, there was one that didn't wanna come out. I stuck my finger into their container, and it climbed onto it. When I lifted my finger up, it didn't fly away until it was outside. So I'm going to order them again this year. Either five or ten, it depends if you can get the special order online, I already have the holder. Perhaps you picked up on the hints? This time, I'm sharing it with you. Yup! A video everyday, posted up here...hopefully...there may be no videos some days, and a couple another. But the really awesome thing is, after you release them, you'll see them around your house. And, the next spring and summer, you'll see their descendants, even though they've never even been to the place you released them. Oh, and in the videos, once they become butterflies, you'll see these red blotches in places. Don't worry, it's not butterfly blood. It's...uh....their...uh....waste...products........ANYWAY........................


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