Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lots of Pictures in This Post (25!)

Yup, you heard right! 25 pictures! Don't you look at me like that, I had a lot to show you. What with our countdown surprise, the contests (no, I'm not hosting one), my garden, and so much more! Hmm...I'll start off with my garden, save the best until last. I've seriously started to take up gardening, this is my MFP garden. I'm going to get rid of it once everything turns elder. My stinkweed is in solitary confinement.

Here's a young prickly bear cactus, two adult desparagus, and a young baby carrot.

Bread fruit bush, rye bread fruit bush (upper right), and a cornbread fruit bush (lower middle.)

This is my King Parsley, but if you ask me he looks more like King Broccoli.

Deadly helephant ears, helephant ears, silver trumpet vines as seedlings, evil snow peas, honey sickle, young evil magma peas, laugh-o-dil (I would help it out, but uh...)
and next to it is going to be a pink laugh-o-dil.

Those two young dandelions are going to be pink and orange. Then I have a ninja fig and boom shroom.
Snap Dragon! :D


I made a little scene, you can guess what's going on, can't you?



And now, for our April Fool's day surprise countdown, we have.................................THE ROCK PET! In my opinion it's so goofy it's cute, so I bought one.

Impossible to tell the difference, right?

That's what it does when you scold it (click to enlarge).

I built mine a rock habitat. Look to the far right, it's Selena Gomez!

That's the end of the rock dance, he jumps in the air. (sorry for the weird order on the rock dance)
Begining of the rock dance, he twirls around.

My rock habitat at large.

Random picture. So, by now you probably all know about Ravenwood Radio's contest for the sunshine pony mount. Well, last night I competed, and guess what? I WON! That's right, I'm now one of only FIVE people who have a sunshine pony. Here are some pics. Sun on it's rear :P I love its eyes. Ta-da! *sparkle sparkle* Well, that's it from me.


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