Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm Gonna Miss You, Rose.

So some of you know that my cat has cancer. We found out it was cancer is August, they said she'd have four months to live. It was a lump growing in her muscle, and it's been getting really big lately. It finally broke through the skin recently, which means she'll be in a lot of pain and bleeding everywhere. My mom says we'll have to put her down soon. I hope sh can last until my birthday, but my mom doesn't think so. My birthday's in 15 days. I've been with her since I was three. I knew the day would come, but I was just hoping she would last until August 1 so she could be 10. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll remember how upset I was when Mickey died. I knew Mickey for six months. I've known Rose for nine years. I still remember the day we got her. My mom and I walked into the adoption room, where tons of cats came out. My mom was kneeling and bent over while we both looked through all the kittens. I looked up, and there was a little black and white kitten with an uneven mustache climbing on my mom's back. I pointed to her "I want that one!". She asked me what I wanted to name her. I said Blackrose, Rose for short. We took her home and let her out of the crate. She jumped out and started attacking the dust floating in the room. A few hours later, after she had explored the house, she was curled up on the chair in the family room. I was sitting on the floor, watching Spongebob. My mom was asleep on the couch. I knew how cats could be picky and not like you at first, so I decided to sit at the other side of the chair, and get closer as she got used to me. To my surprise, she looked up, walked over, and sat down right next to me. She picked us. I was hers. She was mine. She's my first cat, and I'll never forget her.


August 1, 2001-Sometime soon, 2011


Victoria Spiritblossom said...

I'm so so sorry about Rose. I know how it feels to lose a pet. My very first pet, Tabitha, was a black lab. She died of a heat stroke, and I never got to say goodbye to her. The best thing you can do for her now is to make her last days good ones. I'm so sorry.

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

I'm so sorry... I haven't lost a pet (yet), because my dog is only 8, and my other one only 3. A lot of my friends have had pets die, though, and I know it's really awful. There's nothing you can do to make it less sad, but maybe you could bake your kitty some special treats or make her a special blanket house before she goes. Just remember, she'll probably be happier to be put to sleep than to be in pain for much longer. It's what's best for her.

But still, it's terrible, horrible, and sad. So, all my best wishes go to you :(

Jessica said...

Aww.... :( I'm sorry.

Bye Rose. Your body is gone, but your spirit stays with us.

Alura Duskblade said...

I'm so sorry, Donna... I love Rose too, even though I know she hates it when we act loud when Rebecca and/or I vist. She's so beautiful and sweet.

I know how it feels. When my family had to put Pumpkin, an orange tomcat, down, it was really hard to deal with. I couldn't focus in school for a while. I didn't talk about his death with anyone for several months.

I know it's hard to face death, but hopefully something good will come out of it. Maybe someone new (in our case, Haku and Grazey) will come and fill that hole of longing that Rose will leave. Not fully replace, though; you can't forget such a loving feline.

cactusflinthead said...

Terribly sorry to hear about that. Losing a pet is tough.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry... I know how it feels. I don't know anything about Rose other than what you put in this post (I'm new to this blog) but she sounds like a wonderful kitty. All my best wishes go to you.

Jen said...

Hey Chicka... sorry bout rose :( she was sweet, and ill miss her too. i hope that little kitten can fill up your heart enough to let you be happy like you were with rose :/