Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston

So, I took a trip to (as the title suggests) The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston! YAAAAY! I went with Alura, her sister, Rebecca, and our irl friend, Shale, along with my mom and Alura and Rebecca's mom. We went to see the Dale Chihuli exhibit, but we saw some other things too. I took 109 PICTURES!!!! I put them into 3 different slide shows so you could see. It would have been 1 long one, but Slide put a temporary photo limit on their slides. Please take the time to look through all of them, they only take about 5 minutes, and there are some really cool pictures.

I do expect comments on this!


p.s. I got a 3DS and it's EPICLY AWESOME!

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