Friday, April 30, 2010

The SpellThorn Pet Park

As you all well know the Test Realms are open. I put all my pets in my house and created a park for them. It's open to everybody just bring your favorite pet(s). Here's the infomercial. *stupid cheesy commercial music starts playing*

Well, here at the SpellThorn Pet Park all the trouble and stress will melt away! It's a serene, calm, peaceful park for pets to hang out with their friends! Your pets can eat, play, and rest if they get tired. We interviewed some of the pets taking residence there and here's what Rocky, a piggle, had to say:

"I love the SpellThorn Pet Park! I can play with my friends, eat and a whole bunch of other great stuff! Sometimes when I get real tired, I'll fly over to my owner on the bench. She'll just put me on a pillow and pet me. I love it so much that I go there everyday and I think every pet should too!"

I can see why there's all this craze about the Pet Park now!

*stupid cheesy music stops*

Just ask me if you wanna come over and I'll let you know if you can. It's always open as long as I'm on.

See ya there!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Drake Kids


My name is Sarai Drake. I was dumped in Dragonspyre when I was three because my parents didn't want me anymore. I couldn't fend for myself so I didn't know what to do. Luckily, some ghosts were roaming the streets and found me. They raised me up to what I am now. A thirteen year-old Necromancer.

When I turned thirteen I decided it was time for me to learn my craft. I couldn't go to Dragonspyre academy because the Dragon Titan's Army had destroyed it. So, I went to the only other magic school I knew. The Ravenwood School of Magical Arts in Wizard City. I took a one-way Spiral Key and I ended up inside a giant tree named Bartleby. I wandered into the headmaster's house so I could take my Wizarding test. I answered truthfully as I could. When I finished I gave it to Merle Ambrose, the headmaster. He looked over my test and his eyes turned wide. "Oh dear, I'm afrid that it will be quite hard to complete your studies at this time." Puzzled, I said, "Why?" "You'll find out soon enough. Now, Miss Drake, if you could please deliver this letter to Private Stillson at the Unicorn Way gate." Professor Ambrose handed me the letter, and I headed out the door.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Music Video?

I wanna see if I can download fraps to make a music video. I know a lot of you have fraps, so I thought I'd post my questions on here.

1. Do you have to pay for fraps?

2. How do you add music?

3. How do I compile them together? (I know you can only make them 30 seconds long)

4. How do I put it on Wizard101?

Ok, I think that that's it. My first video will be We Will Rock You by Kiss. Anyone who wants to be in it, email me at Now, I go find the lyrics to We Will Rock You...

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Drake Kids Preview

My name is Sarai Drake. When I first arrived at Wizard City I didn't have anyone. I was an orphan from Drgonspyre and I had no idea where my mother and father were. When I turned thirteen I traveled to Wizard City to become a Wizard. I took the test and it turned out I was a Necromancer. I got my first quest from Headmaster Ambrose. It wasn't long until I met my twin.

Yup. New story. Sorry about the last one. I want to wait until we actually FIND Abby to finish it. may be a while....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rick Consiparcy.

I heard what happened to Ronan, and I am NOT happy. For those of you who don't know, some jerk named Rick took over Ronan's blog. For those of you who don't have good "empathy skills" try and put yourself in Ronan's shoes. What if some stranger you've never met came up to you and said: "Oh nice blog. I'm gonna take it over now, so, see ya!" Rick, you are not welcome on this blog. My followers are friends, people I LIKE. I do not like you. I hereby promise to delete each comment you make here. I will also try as hard as I can to remove you from my followers. In rebellion, I'm going to try to start a conspiracy against Rick.

If you want to join this conspiracy type these words as a you comment. WE WILL RUN RICK RIGHT OUT OF THE BLOGGING BUISNESS! JOIN ME, IF YOU PLEASE!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Why do bloggers have to be so @#$%&! unreasonable!?!? OK, so I went to Ronan's or Gordan's or whoever's party. I entered the costume and pet contest, wishing to show off Izzy and my Marleybonian outfit. I went along with the rule "No bought Crown items aloud" my staff and robe were Crown but I never bought then. I was then forced to change when I lost my temper and my ptience. I fleed to my house in a huff. I dont see why Crown items weren't aloud, you can get outfits that look EXACTLY like it but they aren't Crowns. By the way, from my mood in this you might get the impression that I'm threatening to quit again. I'm not. I'm just ranting. Hmph. Don't expect to see me at that party.

Invisible Glitch

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately, I'll probably blog a lot more when my Birthday comes and I get my totally awesome lap top. Samantha ThunderDust and I were playing with the invisibility glitch at my house and we got some totally awesome pics. I shall now share them with you.

In this one I'm Bruno and Sir Rudy is Sam.

You should know who's who in this one but I'll tell you anyway, I'm Rex and Sam is King Lucky.

I don't have a Black Cat so Sir Smokey is me and Sam is Princess Chelsea.

Duke Max is Sam and Abby is me.

Princess Bo is Sam and I'm scout. (these are actually two different types of pets, mine's an Arctic Serpent and Sam's is a Snow Serpent)

At this point Sam had to go so the rest of the pictures are just of me.

Princess Cookie looked so great with the flowers here, didn't she?

This is Mia, a random drop from Lord Nightshade, no farming involved.

This little bundle of awesomeness I just got today via Smogger. It only took me two tries!

Sorry I couldn't get a picture of Brutus but he's a Death Scarab.

This was actually taken a while ago but it's using the same glitch and it's at Kestrel's house. Champ is Alex, Sir Whiskers is Kestrel, Lady Isabella is Cassandra and I'm there on the end as Abby.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Farewell, Esteemed Wizard

Yeah, um awkward....I kinda moved on. 1. I'm level 42. Yup. The Adept Donna you once knew is a full-blown master Theurgist. 2. Welcome to Dragonspyre. You guys thought I hated Marleybone? Dragonspyre-in my description-is torture. It's ugly, it's hard and it's the home of my two least favorite teachers. Yay.

Still farming Oyotomi for my sword, he refuses to give it up. Well, back to Wizarding see ya throughout The Spiral!


Saturday, April 3, 2010


My birthday is coming up, so I'm throwing a party. birthday is actually May 8th. Aheheh...awkward....But still, I'm excited. Here's the info: (there was a picture, but my computer is being stupid and won't upload it)
When: Saturday, May 8th 2010.
Time: 11am. Eastern, 10am. Central, 9am. Mountain, 8am, Pacififc.
Where: Teleport bus Golem Court pre-party Greyrose Area 1.
Who: Donna SpellThorn, Master Theurgist.
What-To-Wear: Please wear Marleybone clothes, because they're festive and fancy.
Please copy and paste the info., the last party I had-frankly-was lame cause like no one showed up. Hopefully lots of people can make it.

P.S. The password is "PEACE MAN!"