Friday, April 23, 2010

The Drake Kids Preview

My name is Sarai Drake. When I first arrived at Wizard City I didn't have anyone. I was an orphan from Drgonspyre and I had no idea where my mother and father were. When I turned thirteen I traveled to Wizard City to become a Wizard. I took the test and it turned out I was a Necromancer. I got my first quest from Headmaster Ambrose. It wasn't long until I met my twin.

Yup. New story. Sorry about the last one. I want to wait until we actually FIND Abby to finish it. may be a while....


Alyssa said...

Um, Donna? I know another story that features people with the last name Drake...


I'm not saying that you should quit or anything. Just don't steal much ideas from mine, ok?

On the other hand, I'm glad you're writing a story! I think its a great way to express your creative self.

Destiny Seagem

Donna SpellThorn said...

Sorry, I didn't even know it did.
But this one's just about them trying to find out about there family.