Friday, January 29, 2010

All My Multi-Purpose Outfits

I got this idea from The Awesome Pyromancer's Diary. Hope you enjoy them!

My favorite outfit! I use it on most occasions. It is also the one you'll see me in in most of my pictures.

Me gone KROKOTOPIAN! (even though the robe is Dragonspyre)

My professional outfit, I use it when I want to look fancy but I'm not going to a ball.

This is what I wear when I'm going to a ball.
This is my hermit outfit! The cloak of refuge gave me the idea.

My mage's outfit, every single piece of it...except the staff.

battling outfit, short and cut, and you can't trip over any long robes or capes, cuz there is none!

Grizzleheim battling outfit, Grizzleheim is cold so I have to wear something warmer to battle in.

Yes, this is Donna SpellThorn, Life Wizard, and yes, I am in the Death School. I am in the Deathschool because it's the perfect place to show you my Death Disguise.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TOOPID BRACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got my braces adgusted today and they hurt like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( They put on these new brace/spacer thingy and I hate them almost as much as I do Necromancers. They have three probelms, 1: The glue tastes TERRIBLE!!! 2: The glue is flaking off into my mouth. 3: They hurt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( Taking painpills right now, hate painpills so you can tell that I'm in a lot of pain. I hate braces and I'm in a very bad mood now. Tomorow is my worst day in school cuz I have English first, then Social Studies, then Spanish, Tech Ed. then lunch, TAP (study hall) Science, Math. We usually have TAP at the end of the day. Oh great! Now I got a hair stuck in one of my braces.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hello people of Earth who own computers! Welcome to another exciting post of the some-what popular Diary Of A Life Wizard! You'll never guess who I met today, OK well, maybe you will because she's in the picture above. KESTREL SHADOWTHISTLE!!! WHAT!? YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF KESTREL SHADOWTHISTLE?! Well, I guess I'm just gonna have to send you a link to her blog. By the way, I don't know who that dude in the picture is, he just teleported to Kestrel before we took the picture.

On a separate note I leveled up! Yup. Now I'm level 24, one level away from wearing Marleybone stuff, and two levels away from learning Satyr and Blizzard! :) I was in Marleybone today looking for pretty stuff to wear. I saw a dog there who was wearing a really pretty dress. I was thinking how awesome it would be if they actually sold dresses like that. This is the dress I'm talking about:
I'll post some pictures of me Marleybone style soon (I'm half way to level 25)
until then see ya!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I have decided to hold a contest. I have six Wizards on my account, I have pictures of all my Wizards. Your job is to guess what school each is in. Rachel, you know most of my Wizards so you are not aloud to guess. The person who gets all or the most right will receive some cool pictures. You will also get the first look of the slide show revealing their schools.I don't have a Myth Wizard. and Moat of my Wizards are dressed to their school colors. Send me your answers at This slide show will show all the pictures of my Wizards. Good luck, and happy guessing!


After I created my post about Rex, I got thinking about The Obsidian Ring. I thought what I should do for Part 2. I thought that maybe I should do it from Abigail's point of veiw, captured by Malistaire. Could you guys please comment on this telling me what you think.

Comment soon!


Friday, January 22, 2010

My pet Rex

You have probably noticed that in almost all of my pictures I have a heckhound named Rex. This is because he is the pet I use most often. I found him at the Bazaar, abandoned by his "loving" owner. There were no other heckhounds to play with. I suspect that his previous owner was a Death Wizard, for only they could be that heartless.

I had been wanting a heckhound for a while at that time, so I guess it was a gain for me that that "Naughty Necromancer" dropped him in the Bazaar. Rex has been with me through thick, and thin. He was there to meet Abigail DragonHeart. He was there when I was defeated before fighting Malistaire. He was there when Duncan GrimWater stole my ring. He was sitting right beside me when I found out Abby had been Wizardnapped.

To any of you bloggers out there who have heckhounds, take care, and respect them. To any of you who don't, they make great pets and they sell them at the Krokoshpinx Pet Shop.

This is my blog, it is not for you to abuse.

I have decided to delete any comments that I find offensive to me or my blog. I have been in a rough spot lately and my stress level is WAY higher than it has ever been. I would not like to be pushed even more at this level of stress and irritation. I don't care if you don't like me deleting your comments but I'm sure you don't want to be made fun of either. If you don't want me deleting your comments the solution is simple, STOP POSTING COMMENTS LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Sorry that I'm in this mood, I had a sleepover last nigh and lost A LOT of sleep. My stupid cat was yelling at neighborhood a cat outside our door and woke my friend up so she woke me up. (She has anger issues)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

EMAIL ME!!!!!!!!!!!

I am looking for Wizard 101 blogs! If your following a blog, SEND A LINK TO ME!!! If the blogger is following your blog, SEND A LINK TO ME!!! If I am already following that blog don't, SEND A LINK TO ME!!! My email adress is: Also, if you know how to edit a picture so you can only see on part of it, EMAIL ME HOW!!! I will comment on this telling you that I know how to do it. Untill then, EMAIL ME! EMAIL ME! EMAIL ME! EMAIL ME! EEEEEEEEEEEEEMAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


It was dusk in Wizard City and Donna SpellThorn was doing some shopping. She walked into the Wizard City Ring Shop. She walked into the small shop to find it deserted, except for the shopkeeper,Gustav CopperFlame. "Ah Donna!" he exclaimed with gusto "Ow is de search vor Abigail coming?" Donna's friend Abigail DragonHeart had been lost for a long while. "Not good." Donna said sadly "It's like she disappeared off the worlds of the Spiral!" "Ah," Gustav nodded "it is ard to lose a vriend." Donna nodded and began looking at rings. There were many beautiful rings under the many glass cases. She searched, and searched until she found a lovely one. The jewel on top was clear crystal, and the rest was a braided crystal. Donna spoke up "Does it come with any cards?" "Vich vone?" Gustav walked over to where Donna was standing. "Zat's odd, I ave nevheir zeen zat vone bevore." He opened the case and took out the card that lay under it. "A ztrange card dis vone is." Donna looked at the card. It was like Hydra, but different. In the middle was a tan head, (Balance) to the left of it were three; red, purple, and black (Fire Storm and Death)to the right of the tan head were three; light blue, yellow, and green (Ice, Myth, and Life) "Wow" Donna said after looking at the card. "1050/2000 damage. May I trie it on?" Gustav handed her the ring. The crystal on top turned instantly to jade. "Whoa, cool, how much?" "Vor you, only 3675 gold. Or vould you prever crowns?" "I don't have the money for that right now, but can you put it on layaway for me?" "Only vor my vaveorite Life Vizard." he chuckled. Donna smiled, thanked Gustav, and left.

Donna decided to start collecting gold tomorrow, after all it was getting dark. So, instead, she went to go kill time with her friend, Rachel WindTalon. After a race on their mounts, Donna and Rachel went home for the night.

The next morning Donna woke up early and went to fight monsters with Rachel.

The Grendel Urchins were as easy as ever to kill. They were soon done and Rachel took Donna to Drasgonspyre to kill some stronger monsters.

One week later Donna walked into the Wizard City Ring Shop once again. Gustav had kept his promise and gave the ring to Donna, card and all. Seconds later Donna got an S.O.S. from Rachel. Great, Donna thought. It'll give me a chance to try out my new spell. Even with the new spell, the two girls were quickly defeated. they decided to go swimming while they waited to heal. When they were drying off Rachel noticed the ring. "Hey, new ring?" she inquired "Were do you think I got the spell?!" the two girls laughed. "Can I try it on?" Rachel asked "Sure." Donna said. she gave Rachel the ring and the jewel soon turned to citrine. "Cool" Donna said "I guess it knows the school of the wearer." "Well, let's test it on others!" Rachel decided. A Fire Wizard: ruby, an Ice Wizard: Sapphire, a Storm Wizard: amethyst, a Myth Wizard: peridot. Donna made Rachel stop there because she hates Death Wizards. Donna and Rachel decided that this ring was some special magic no one had discovered yet.

Duncan GrimWater heard of Donna's special ring, being a Necromancer he grew jealous. Donna ran past him when she saw a rare reagent to his left.It was then Duncan stole the ring right off her finger. Donna turned around in time to see him slide the ring onto his finger. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" She yelled.

The hole ring turned to obsidian, it started humming, and glowing with dark magic. It broke into ash and terrible things broke out of it. Then, it re-formed. "What have you done?" Donna angrily asked Duncan, she ran. "Rachel! Rachel!" she yelled. Finally she found her. Donna hurriedly told her what happened then said "We have to talk to Professor Ambrose!"

They ran to the commons to find only Professor Ambrose, on his death bed. Gamma told them that he had just become very ill, almost out of nowhere. Donna and Rachel quickly told Gamma and their dying professor what happened. "Go see all your teachers." Ambrose said weakly "Ask them for advice." Ambrose layed his head down and passed out. Gamma insisted on coming with them, despite their dismay.

First, they went to see Moolinda Wu; sick. Then Arthur Wethersfeild; sick. Dalia Falmea; sick. Lydia GreyRose; sick. Halstom BaleSrom; sick. Though they resented every moment doing they then went to...Cyrus Drake. Sick. "Wait!" Donna exclaimed suddenly. "What about Malorn AshThorn? Would he be affected by this too?" "I thought you hated Necromancers." Rachel stated. "Well, not Malorn. He's the only Necromancer who doesn't totally resent me for being a Life Wizard." Donna countered.

Luckily when they went to see Malorn he was unharmed. As Donna and Rachel were

walking around Ravenwood they noticed what was happening to the trees. Ivan's eye was closed, Burney was losing his glow, Kelvin was melting, Torrence was dehydrated, and Blossom's blooms were dying.

When touring The Worlds of the Spiral Donna and Rachel saw Wizards (mostly Life) drop to the ground in the same conditions as their teachers. Out of all the students that became ill none of them were Necromancers. "We need to trick whoever doing this into think that we're Necromancers." Donna decided. "We need Death disguises!" Rachel said. Donna changed into her Death disguise which she wore when in the Death School. Rachel bought one to wear.

The trick worked wonderfully. When only few were left they told their friends to do the same. Two of these friends happened to be Jessica FairyHeart and, Kestrel Shadowthistle to do the same.

Donna awoke that morning to find a note on her bed.

Donna SpellThorn,

I have your friend Abigail DragonHeart. If you would like her back relinquish Wizard City to me. No harm has come to her-yet. And no harm shall come to her, as long as you do as I say. Meet me in Dragonspyre in the Drake Hatchery.


Donna rushed over to Rachel's house. She flew in the doorway and nearly tackled Rachel. "What happened?" Rachel asked, concerned. Tears streaming down her face, she shoved the note towards Rachel and choked out "Read it." Rachel read the note. Sorrow and and fear painted her face as she handed the note back to Donna.

"We have to defeat Malistaire." Donna said................................


The Obsidian Ring is the tale of a magic ring. When Donna SpellThorn Finds a beautiful ring at the Wizard City Ring Shop not everything is as it seems. When her friend Rachel a balance wizard tries the stone on the ring turns from jade to citrine they know something is up. But when a Necromancer grows jealous, could they have spelled the end for the worlds of the spiral? With their leader and teachers ill, and their strongest friend in Mailistare's clutches can Rachel and Donna save the day?

this is a story in the making about Wizard 101. COMING SOON TO A THEATER NEAR YOU

Sunday, January 10, 2010

In Loving Memory of Abigail Dragon Heart

When Rachel and I were playing on the Test Realms we met a girl named Abigail Dragon Heart. Abby was awesome and she was Level 49 the next highest level you can get. Unfortunately when the Test Realms closed (curse you game creators)Rachel and I lost Abby. Rachel, Abby and I were the most powerful Wizard 101 trio EVER! and now it's gone. So if you have any information about where Abby is contact me at . Or if you've seen Abby please tell her to go to Greyrose Area One Rachel and Donna are looking for you. then again contact me at . so please if you have any information on Abby, please, please, PLEASE! Tell me! Au revior bloggers and Merci.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cocky Wizard

Hello bloggers! Meet the latest jerk I've found on Wizard 101. He thinks he's so hot just because he's a high level. Well I got news for you Hunter just because you're a higher level than a lot of players doesn't mean your any better than me a t level 23!I know what you're thinking "What did he do that was so bad?" he excluded me. I tried making conversation, I tried sending him friend request. Nope. Nothing. I'm guessing because I'm level 23. If you ever see hunter give him a big hard kick in the softest spot you can. While I'm in this angry mood FOR ALL YOU VAMPIRE-CASTING EVIL LITTLE NECROMANCERS YOU CAN JUST CLICK X RIGHT NOW AND GET OFF THIS BLOG! I HAVE NO PATIENCE FOR YOU VICIOUS EVIL LITTLE MURDERERS! Bloggers, I apolagize for my rant.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I DO NOT SPEAK SPANISH!!! OK so, of coarse I know what "graicas" means. But I have no idea what "ago vos" means! I'll have Spanish next term, and that's in a few weaks. But I'm afraid if I wait that long I'LL EXPLODE!!! So, if anyone speaks Spanish or know someone who does please, please, PLEASE! Let me know! As the Spanish say, Adios amigos. And remember, viva viva on those comments!