Friday, January 22, 2010

My pet Rex

You have probably noticed that in almost all of my pictures I have a heckhound named Rex. This is because he is the pet I use most often. I found him at the Bazaar, abandoned by his "loving" owner. There were no other heckhounds to play with. I suspect that his previous owner was a Death Wizard, for only they could be that heartless.

I had been wanting a heckhound for a while at that time, so I guess it was a gain for me that that "Naughty Necromancer" dropped him in the Bazaar. Rex has been with me through thick, and thin. He was there to meet Abigail DragonHeart. He was there when I was defeated before fighting Malistaire. He was there when Duncan GrimWater stole my ring. He was sitting right beside me when I found out Abby had been Wizardnapped.

To any of you bloggers out there who have heckhounds, take care, and respect them. To any of you who don't, they make great pets and they sell them at the Krokoshpinx Pet Shop.


Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Did you see my email? And I wish they had an ice hound pet, that would be so cute!

Donna Spell Thorn said...

Yes, I got your email, can't wait to meet you! I haven't seen the ice hound pet, can you email me a picture of it?

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

I said I wish they had one, not that they do. And you got the really long email?

Donna Spell Thorn said...

Oh , sorry. What really long email, hold on, let me check