Friday, January 29, 2010

All My Multi-Purpose Outfits

I got this idea from The Awesome Pyromancer's Diary. Hope you enjoy them!

My favorite outfit! I use it on most occasions. It is also the one you'll see me in in most of my pictures.

Me gone KROKOTOPIAN! (even though the robe is Dragonspyre)

My professional outfit, I use it when I want to look fancy but I'm not going to a ball.

This is what I wear when I'm going to a ball.
This is my hermit outfit! The cloak of refuge gave me the idea.

My mage's outfit, every single piece of it...except the staff.

battling outfit, short and cut, and you can't trip over any long robes or capes, cuz there is none!

Grizzleheim battling outfit, Grizzleheim is cold so I have to wear something warmer to battle in.

Yes, this is Donna SpellThorn, Life Wizard, and yes, I am in the Death School. I am in the Deathschool because it's the perfect place to show you my Death Disguise.

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My2Cents said...

Remember me, Chase Willowweaver? I saw you with Dustin Mooncatcher in Nidallivir yesterday. Sorry I didn't recognize you. I'd love to meet you on my Myth wiz. I'll add your site to my blogroll soon. Check out mine @
Nice outfits LOL!!! I think I'll do that on Valkoor xD.
-Chase Willowweaver of My2cents