Saturday, January 23, 2010


I have decided to hold a contest. I have six Wizards on my account, I have pictures of all my Wizards. Your job is to guess what school each is in. Rachel, you know most of my Wizards so you are not aloud to guess. The person who gets all or the most right will receive some cool pictures. You will also get the first look of the slide show revealing their schools.I don't have a Myth Wizard. and Moat of my Wizards are dressed to their school colors. Send me your answers at This slide show will show all the pictures of my Wizards. Good luck, and happy guessing!


Donna Spell Thorn said...

Oh yeah, and since I couldn't put their nametag on it reffer to them as this: the Wizard with the black pony is Wizard #1. Through Donna (I assume you know wich one she is) who is Wizard #6.

The Helpful Sorcerer said...

i wish i can guess

Donna Spell Thorn said...

The contest ends Feb. 28