Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hey, Guys... can probably tell by the title of this post that this isn't good. If I only know you in-game (meaning you're not on Skype, Twitter, Facebook, ect.) you probably have seen me in, oh, two weeks. Why? One word: Celestia.

And for those of you who are planning their hate-filled comments right now, stop reading this and get of my blog because I'm in no mood. In my eyes, Celestia was a mistake. I've also noticed that everyone who is crazy for PvP LOOOOOVES Celestia. For the rest of us, like me, who hate PvP, it's stupid. Wizard101 just isn't as fun as it was. I'm hoping I'm just on a hump, and I'll get over it soon, but I walk the same streets I have been for two years now and I don't feel the magic.

Yes, I do blame Celestia. I hate seeing Legendaries on their stupid shark mounts wearing that ugly gear that you guys have been fawning over. I don't want to be Legendary! I don't want to have to give up the gear that I've farmed so hard for that I love that you all have thrown away!

And while you guys are all thinking "What's happened to you? You're not like this!" YES I AM! I'm not the one that's different! Celestia's changed you guys!

C'mon think about it! Celestia has forced people to leave! Cody's gone, Alyssa's gone, Amber's gone, Destiny and Cody are gone, Cass's gone, David's gone, Dustin's gone! Remember them? They used to be your friends! I haven't been caught up in all this Celestia crap! I watch them change, bit by bit. Then they leave. Who's next? Kestrel? Jessica? Alia? Some of them left in the hype of Celestia, others left when they were bored with it. IT. DOESN'T. MATTER. Celestia's made this happen, and I wish it'd never happened.

You aren't the same as you used to be. And I miss the real you. So stop with Celestia for a bit, and think about the old times, when we could still have fun without thinking about Celestia.