Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hey, Guys... can probably tell by the title of this post that this isn't good. If I only know you in-game (meaning you're not on Skype, Twitter, Facebook, ect.) you probably have seen me in, oh, two weeks. Why? One word: Celestia.

And for those of you who are planning their hate-filled comments right now, stop reading this and get of my blog because I'm in no mood. In my eyes, Celestia was a mistake. I've also noticed that everyone who is crazy for PvP LOOOOOVES Celestia. For the rest of us, like me, who hate PvP, it's stupid. Wizard101 just isn't as fun as it was. I'm hoping I'm just on a hump, and I'll get over it soon, but I walk the same streets I have been for two years now and I don't feel the magic.

Yes, I do blame Celestia. I hate seeing Legendaries on their stupid shark mounts wearing that ugly gear that you guys have been fawning over. I don't want to be Legendary! I don't want to have to give up the gear that I've farmed so hard for that I love that you all have thrown away!

And while you guys are all thinking "What's happened to you? You're not like this!" YES I AM! I'm not the one that's different! Celestia's changed you guys!

C'mon think about it! Celestia has forced people to leave! Cody's gone, Alyssa's gone, Amber's gone, Destiny and Cody are gone, Cass's gone, David's gone, Dustin's gone! Remember them? They used to be your friends! I haven't been caught up in all this Celestia crap! I watch them change, bit by bit. Then they leave. Who's next? Kestrel? Jessica? Alia? Some of them left in the hype of Celestia, others left when they were bored with it. IT. DOESN'T. MATTER. Celestia's made this happen, and I wish it'd never happened.

You aren't the same as you used to be. And I miss the real you. So stop with Celestia for a bit, and think about the old times, when we could still have fun without thinking about Celestia.



Arlen Dawneyes said...

I don't think CL contributes to ALL the leaving. Bloggers leave every once in a while for other reasons, maybe a couple left because of something to do with CL. You can still re-farm for things in CL you want, just gives more to farm for, thats the point of every game. Btw, how have people changed because of CL? I've noticed more people in the blog/Twittosphere so that means more arguments/leaving, I don't think CL contributes much to that at all. Anyway, if you haven't finished Celestia, good luck (keep Forest Lord in mind!) :)

Donna SpellThorn said...

People, good people, that I was good friends with,become pompous, and ignorant. Then they turn into a completely different person. Then they usually end up quitting.

Victoria Spiritblossom said...

I sort of half agree, have disagree. Yes, Celestia is a lot of hype. Yes, it can be SO overrated sometimes. I haven't even gotten past the first street, because I got kind of bored with it. I do really miss the old days when it was farming for grand gear, just working on the classics; not all this critical stuff. I also think that this isn't really something to be that worked up about. Sure, people can quickly overwhelmed in the newest toy, and forget their old ones, but I like to ignore them. It gives me more opportunity to be different.
Also, how can get that 'why be normal?' button?

Idon95cp said...

Well if you're talking about me Cody, I technically haven't quit...yet.

King of Death said...

What the heck is Idon95cp? Um I'm confused. Well this is Cody Deathflame.

Donna SpellThorn said...

@Victoria If you right click on the button, there should be a 'save as' option. If you click on it you can save it anywhere you want on your computer.

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Whoa, whoa, WHOA. Just because people wear new gear and have completed a world does NOT mean they're suddenly snobs who have turned evil.

-Destiny and Cody never got to Celestia, so that wasn't the reason for them leaving
-Dustin left because his grandparents didn't want to pay for a subscription
-David left partly because Dustin left and partly because he was bored
-Amber left because she had too much real life stuff going on, way before Celestia came out.

I'm not sure about the others, but REALLY, Celestia is NOT the reason for people leaving.

Also, I'm just about the worst PvP-er on the planet (NEGATIVE ranking), and I have to say I liked Celestia. Maybe not at first, but I really ended up liking it. Kingsisle couldn't make Celestia too easy, so
1. Serious players wouldn't finish it in a day
2. Serious players wouldn't complain about there being no challenges in the game.

Final point: there's no reason to blame Celestia for all the problems in the Spiral right now. It's just a new world. Of course people are going to get into it and ditch some of their old stuff.


And no, I probably won't leave anytime soon.

cactusflinthead said...

I like the new challenges of Celestia and I certainly have not left the game. I still like to make a round of boss bashing in DS. I have no interest in the weakness spamming Ravens any more, just not worth the effort to get loot that I aim to sell anyway.
Yes, I do pvp more these days, but that was already happening before Celestia came out.
I suspect this is not the final addition of content. The game is not stationary. It can't survive as a game without introducing new content. Farming the same bosses over and over again loses its appeal after a while. New areas to explore keeps it interesting. New strategies of the mobs do as well. I go back to DS and wonder why the myth, storm and fire bosses are limited to 4 pip and under spells. DS is so nerfed now it is hardly a challenge.
BTW I think the Celestia gear is hideous too, but then I didn't like the DS gear either. I still look like I belong in MB, stitched every bit of it. If I could stitch that overblown clam on a stick they call a wand I would do that too. I miss my swords.

Heather Raven said...

Hmm I partly agree. I think CL went really fast, and now a bunch of people are done, and are: a) getting bored b) getting into trouble c) turning to PVP which-- d) can in some cases create more hurt feelings and result in people leaving.

Also, let me say that not all legendaries have shark mounts. LOL. And that any legendary worth knowing will be stitching their gear. Because, let's face it. That gear is some of the worst looking stuff KI has created.

And I haven't thrown away my grandmaster clothes! I couldn't! They're like my safety-blanket!

Alyssa left a LONG time ago. I think it was even before CL was announced... But certainly before CL. I do see her on every once and a while though.
I think that all the factors I mentioned above may contribute to people leaving, and yes, CL might not be the best world that is in Wizard101, but mostly I think that the community is always in flux. People are coming and leaving all the time. And I will say that the community is not what it used to be, and I really miss it. But I still have hope for all the new ding-dongs we've got now.

So I agree with Kestrel. I mean, you can hate CL Donna. That's totally fine, it's your decision you are entitled to it, and I respect it. But I think things are just a little more complex than what you're saying.

And personally, I'm not a big fan of CL. Nope. Krokotopia is still the best world. HA! :)


John Lifeglen said...

Oh boy...

I'll just say that between Kestrel and Heather, they've pretty much covered it EXCEPT:

The reason that PvP is rapidly becoming so popular isn't's the MFP. As soon as players had a safe and private environment to learn at their own speed with their friends it was bound to happen. Also, a lot of people were dabbling in PvP before CL was released (because let's face it, it was a LOOOOONNNNGGGGG wait). Other's are returning to it after a rather lengthy time away from it *cough* (me...).

Also, I'm with Heather. I keep my GM gear close for those times when I need a reminder of what the game and community used to be. I mean, the memories associated with it and everything are awesome. Yes, we use "better" gear now (though even uglier than DS gear IMO...) but if you decide you like to resist your own school rather than everything else in your triangle (or everything else in general for Balance) in a small amount, a lot of people still use bits and pieces. You just can't beat having a super-spell on hand when you need it!

I respect your opinion, but I'll say that I hope you come around (meh, not a favorite world...GH ftw!).

Take Care~John

Jessica said...

If I leave, blame Celestia and real life.

Heather Raven said...

LOL! Jess!

Anonymous said...

Agreed I quit cause I was forced to by my dad but I think I would have quit just because these higher levels turn people into snobs. Some of best friends started out when we were novices, then they level up. To be grandmaster and above and I'm still master so of course my closet friends bully me to stay "hip" with the higher level people.

Nathaniel Emraledleaf

Jennifer HawkShade said...

Donna is right... Everyone says this game is stupid, and they keep changing. Honestly, the cl clothes is HIDEOUS. I don't like it! I cant do anything on my own! I don't like celestia, the only good thing is another 10 levels! I like to level up and get new spells, but this is a rip-off. Wizard101 is great. What i'm trying to say is Celestia doesnt have the same sparks of excitement as the other worlds do... I don't think they spent as much time on it? Everyone's different... they're boring... they call ME the different one?! I havent changed clothes since level 45! they change every other day... I'm not really looking forward to questing more in the Survey Camp.. I don't want ANYONE else to quit! RRRRR

Connor Mistblade said...

Donna I agree with you the magic of the game seems lost with Celestia for some reason when I got to other worlds I felt amazing when I got to Celestia I was like whatever. I feel like I'm trudging through Celestia not adventuring through it. The community is not what it has always been but I've learned throughout the game. That change happens you can't stop it whether good or bad you have to deal with it. That's whats friends are for to help you get through the change. I'm soon going to be moving leaving behind friends I've known since I was born. I know they will visit (one is even going to be there for the first month or so) but I'm still sad.Like I said change is hard but it's a part of life. It's something that you can't escape from something that you have to face but you never have to face it alone. :)

Donna Spell Thorn said...

@Connor, Um...well...funny thing with me and change. I'm a May 8th child. My mom's massive book of birthdays says that we don't like change. And it's true...