Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hey! This is Donna's Balance Wizard, Paige, posting for the first time ever! So, yesterday, way back when I was level fifteen, I decided that I wanted sandstorm so I started questing. I quickly leveled up after doing some side-questing and got me a shiny new sandstorm card! So today I got to level eighteen and got the quest for mander minion!

*three corny tree jokes later*
So I went through a bunch of stuff then came face-to-face with the King Scorpion! O: Here's a picture:

So I finally got my minion, though I've yet to try it out. I'm currently trying to find stupid gem stones, but I'm having trouble. Do you want a picture of how I look? 'Course ya do!

Toby's mah little buddy. :)

Paige, don't you think we should announce the you-know-what?

Oh yea! We're going to be putting tabs up for all of us! Yes, Scarlet, Nicole, Brooke, even Christina!

Yup, my blog is dead, since I never post anymore.

So, that's about it don't forget to give a huggie to the next mander you see!


Say bye everybody!



Later guys!


Seriously, I hate ALL of you.

Watch the tude, Scarlet!

I'll see ya all next time,--maybe--don't forget the huggie!


Natalie Crowshard said...

Lololololol I have a balance wizard named Paige, too!

Blaze Silverfist said...

Brings back memories. Best of luck to you. If you need any strategy advice or quest help I'll be there for you :)

~Blaze Silverfist
The Awesome Sauce-erer

Xinaed said...

I try to follow, but your music player wont stop playing, and I eventually have to close the page, with out reading fully (depending on how long your post is). I love balance too, though, my balance wiz is my youngest.