Friday, April 30, 2010

The SpellThorn Pet Park

As you all well know the Test Realms are open. I put all my pets in my house and created a park for them. It's open to everybody just bring your favorite pet(s). Here's the infomercial. *stupid cheesy commercial music starts playing*

Well, here at the SpellThorn Pet Park all the trouble and stress will melt away! It's a serene, calm, peaceful park for pets to hang out with their friends! Your pets can eat, play, and rest if they get tired. We interviewed some of the pets taking residence there and here's what Rocky, a piggle, had to say:

"I love the SpellThorn Pet Park! I can play with my friends, eat and a whole bunch of other great stuff! Sometimes when I get real tired, I'll fly over to my owner on the bench. She'll just put me on a pillow and pet me. I love it so much that I go there everyday and I think every pet should too!"

I can see why there's all this craze about the Pet Park now!

*stupid cheesy music stops*

Just ask me if you wanna come over and I'll let you know if you can. It's always open as long as I'm on.

See ya there!


Alyssa said...


Donna SpellThorn said...

It's fine by me but I'll have to check with Ronan.

Heather Raven said...

I love the pet park! That was so awesome! :)