Saturday, April 17, 2010

Invisible Glitch

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately, I'll probably blog a lot more when my Birthday comes and I get my totally awesome lap top. Samantha ThunderDust and I were playing with the invisibility glitch at my house and we got some totally awesome pics. I shall now share them with you.

In this one I'm Bruno and Sir Rudy is Sam.

You should know who's who in this one but I'll tell you anyway, I'm Rex and Sam is King Lucky.

I don't have a Black Cat so Sir Smokey is me and Sam is Princess Chelsea.

Duke Max is Sam and Abby is me.

Princess Bo is Sam and I'm scout. (these are actually two different types of pets, mine's an Arctic Serpent and Sam's is a Snow Serpent)

At this point Sam had to go so the rest of the pictures are just of me.

Princess Cookie looked so great with the flowers here, didn't she?

This is Mia, a random drop from Lord Nightshade, no farming involved.

This little bundle of awesomeness I just got today via Smogger. It only took me two tries!

Sorry I couldn't get a picture of Brutus but he's a Death Scarab.

This was actually taken a while ago but it's using the same glitch and it's at Kestrel's house. Champ is Alex, Sir Whiskers is Kestrel, Lady Isabella is Cassandra and I'm there on the end as Abby.

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