Friday, April 15, 2011

A Rough Patch, Inspiration, and a Rant (not in that order)

Yea, not in order.... So I've been going through a hard time in my life. Kira's getting worse, and it's anti-bullying week in our school. Yay. It's miserable. Tell ya what, guidance counselors, if you actually want to do something about the bullying, deport Kira. Being bullied is like being in a dark room with no way out. You try to break through the wall, you break your foot. You give up, you betray yourself...that's the one thing you can't do. I almost hit Kira in the lunch room the other day. Fist clenched, knuckles white, muscles tense, the whole deal. I don't know if suspension would be worth it. I wish they would stop the anti-bullying week, because it just makes the victims feel worse. I cried for an hour while I was in the shower. So, while I'm in this rough patch, thanks for all your support. *insert sarcasm here* Because that's the next thing I want to talk about. I know this is going to sound all whiny, but we've all had these posts, so don't be a hypocrite. I'm really sick of not being an official blogger. When you think of a famous blogger, you think Friendly, Alia, Kestrel, Stephen. Not Donna. Never Donna. When you think of those bloggers who've been around forever and aren't going anywhere, that's when you think of Donna. And you know, it really sucks when you go to a big blogger party and everyone just thinks of you as another one of those desperates trying to get someone famous to add them just so they can brag to their friends that they know someone famous. And something else, and I know you don't care, but I'm gonna say it anyway. Every time after I work my butt off to make a post, I check the comments. So, I always check the comments. And it really makes me feel unappreciated when I see "0 comments". So please. It doesn't have to be long, just share your thoughts. Seriously, it takes two minutes. And, the last thing............... You don't get to find out. That's the thing. COMMENT your guess on what you think it is. I will then pick the top four most popular guesses and make a poll out of them around, say, Wednesday. (I'm on vacation this week) Alright, so start guessing!


Arlen Dawneyes said...

I'm sorry about that and hey - I don't get many comments either. I'm not social but don't get bullied, but I'd suggest reporting this Kira, as it isn't tattletaling and sharing how Anti-Bullying week isn't so good with the talkers (I know, I'm sounding like a parent or something :P). I read all the blogs and don't skip any cause they're boring or whatever, and don't regard someone as famous, they're just another blogger. I'm guessing the last thing has to do with W101? Have no idea xD

Amber Rosepetal said...

We all know--wait okay why am I talking about myself? You already know this crap anyways. Skip to the point.
Most of us either don't know about Kira and/or just are too lazy to comment, and rather vote or tell you via something else..
When I see someone say "famous blogger" like Rachel... all they blog for is the fame. It's stupid. You aren't like that.. you're loyal to this even if you are a scarce poster, a "unfamous" person or someone who gets picked on, you gotta think: Who's always there? The wizard101 community. I like to think of blogs as something that people read for inspiration.. some people write their hearts out, and then some are just pure stupidness. There are some that seem pointless.. but once you meet the person, you learn a whole new personality.
You're a really good friend, Donna.

Donna SpellThorn said...

@Arlen I've reported her twice. Nothing was done. Which is illegal.

Arlen Dawneyes said...

@Donna Oof sorry.. if its illegal as you say, then police would have to take it seriously, and they're hypocrites if nothing is done and they have an Anti-Bullying week -.-
But trust me, this Kira is probably just jealous or feels cool doing that. Like a "bullying high". Don't let it get to you.

Zaolan said...

I'm really sorry you're going through this. I know the feeling though. Just keep your head up. :/

Xinaed said...

Well, I had 4 paragraphs written out for you. But, for whatever reason, I lost it all when trying to publish. I am sorry, but I am not going to try and type it all up again.

In short, sorry about the bullying, don't worry too much about comments. And I had a bunch of guesses, but I'll just guess once this time: is it spring break; more spiral time?

Jennifer HawkShade said...

honestly, when someone says famous blogger i think of you (and sometimes friendly). i mean, look at me. my blog is basically me talking to myself. you dont have to be well-known to be a famous blogger. if you ask me, i kinda like talking to myself. i dont know more than about 5 people you talk about all the time that are bloggers, and probably 2 people out of all those people have even HEARD of me. so, there. thats all i have to say right now. ~(and can you not see me talk to you on w101, or are you ignoring me?)~

Jennifer Hawkshade said...

might i add, we both know kira is a stuck up.... well, you probably know what i was going to say. o3o She's a jerk. (and besides, when we go to high scholl she'll be gone at cushing hopefully taking all of her little friends.)

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now and you've always struck me as a particularly nice person - and a pretty darn good blogger as well. I've never found time to comment before (despite knowing, as a blogger myself, how nice it is to have a bit of attention after the work you put into a post) because I've excused myself as being "too busy" or "too shy" or as not having anything useful to say, which is inexcusable really, but it happens, more often than not, to pretty much everyone.

As for the bullying, I can totally relate. I only recently got over being in a two-year-long bullying situation (through two anti-bullying weeks - which were both a waste of time), even after telling the stupid teachers a stupid amount of times. It was ridiculous and if I hadn't been able to switch schools suddenly I probably would have ended up doing something I would (or wouldn't be able to...) regret. (Now I'm in a school which is much better, but fee-paying, and my family can't really afford it and there's a whole new heap of stress but that's a completely separate story...) I'm sorry that anyone has to go through bullying ever. It's just not fair, and it always seems to be the nicest, most genuine people who get picked at.

Good luck,

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...


About the bullying - that sucks. I guess it's just something you'll have to deal with, but just remember that she has no reason to bully you, and you just shouldn't let it get to you because she's just a stupid immature idiot with a messed up brain. Just think... school will be over pretty soon, and then next year you might not have any classes with her.

About the blogging -
I think I've said this a million times...
-I'm surprised I'm even on that list. I submitted my blog on the last possible day you could submit blogspot blogs, and I don't even post once a week sometimes.
-To get famous, you've gotta be pretty serious. Promote yourself on twitter, DOAW ConnectX, make a name for yourself on central (but don't post the name of your blog because you can get banned for that), make your blog as accessible as possible, post a lot, attend lots of parties, host parties, and make sure to hang around other people in-game and help out a lot. Yeah, it's a lot. You're not gonna get "famous" overnight. I still don't think I'm famous.

Also, I think you have a GREAT blog and you're a really fun person to hang out with, so there's really nothing stopping you.

Anyway, that's what I got.

Alura Duskblade said...

When both you and Jen introduced Wizard101 to my sister and I, I thought both of you guys were AWESOME. That much dedication to a game that you've met so many people and had fun on? EPICNESS.

I'm also a fairly successful W101 Blogger because of you. Seeing your Blog have as many followers as you do made me think "If she did it, could I do it too?" So, I started my Blog. Not to mention I was surprised that you weren’t one of the hosts of the Mount-a-Polooza (or however it’s spelt). Quite a few of the Blogs chosen I didn’t even recognize. O.o

You’re awesome. REALLY AWESOME. You’re clever, nice, and funny. We also have a lot in common, even though you think I have weird music taste/hate it when I rant about my favorite animes, and I constantly make fun of your like of Shugo Chara. But we look past that. Why? We're friends (hopefully best friends). I've known you since preschool, and I've gotten even closer to you as the both of us have grown up. AND I'M SUPER GLAD I DID. What would my life be like without you? D:

Oh, and I need to hire Yubel or Pride or Riku to knock some sense into Kira. Seriously. D:<

Jessica said...

When I think of a friend, I think of Donna. :) I don't care if that's cheesy, or if you are somewhat insane. When things get tough, talk to us on Skype.

Oh by the way, if the bullying ever gets really bad (serious injury, maybe breaking/fracturing a bone) you can sue the school for negligence. If they tell you you can't sue them, sue them for the right to sue them. Pay the attorney with contingency fees because you are injured. Do what I've always wanted to do.