Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Drake Kids


I walked over to Malorn where he taught us less-experienced Death students on cushions outside the gaping hole that was the Death School. "Sarai," Malorn said, teasing, "You're late." I gave him my signature "Seriously?" look. "Oh no, call the guards! I've committed the serious crime of talking to my uncle Cyrus Drake!" Malorn's jaw dropped. The whole class looked at me. "I take it you guys know the legend then?" A few of the students nodded. Malorn took a breath. "Yea." he said solemnly, "We do." There was a long silence. Some students looked at me in shock; others took a sudden interest in their books, or shoelace. "OK, now that that's been said, what did I miss?" One of the younger students spoke up: "Tomorrow we'll be taking a field trip!" He said with gusto. I looked at Malorn, "To the dueling arena." He said simply. "You will each be facing..." some students to guesses when he paused "A lost soul?" an older brunette asked "I bet it's Lady Blackhope!" said a girl my age. "All good guesses but no." The brunette looked agitated, which wasn't uncommon for a Death student "Then who will we be facing?" An evil grin was painted across Malorn's face, "Me." The whole class groaned. I snickered, covering my mouth. There was no more talk bout the field trip that class. Instead we discussed the effects of the spell Poison: the advantages and the disadvantages. When the bell rang again I met up with Marissa by Bartleby. We went to our dorm to practice dueling. Where, I discovered, Satyr is really annoying.

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