Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Drake Kids


Cyrus looked shaken. "You are-" he said slowly "-the children of Sylvia and Malistaire Drake?" Marissa and I looked at each other, then nodded. As odd as it was, Cyrus had tears in his eyes. All my friends, even in the Myth school, said Cyrus was the toughest, meanest teacher they've ever had. Cyrus turned around, and doug out an old book from his personal library. Blowing the dust off the cover, he opened to a page. At that moment a young Myth student came in. "Professer Drake, I had a question about-" "OUT! We must not be interrupeted!" Cyrus yelled. The Myth student jumped and ran out, scared. He turned the book towards us, and I read the title at the top of the page: "The Drake Prophesy..." I said. Cyrus looked up. "The Prophesy states that you two will follow in your parents' footsteps." I didn't know what this meant. I looked at Marissa, and it appeared that she didn't either. "However, Sarai, you may shape your future, if you trust in your heart." The bell rang for class. "Come on, let's go." I said. "Marissa," Cyrus announced as we were about to leave, "Could I talk to you for minute-in private?" "Sure." Marissa said. I walked out, and waited for Marissa. When she came out, her eyes were red. "What happened?" I inquired, "Nothing." she said quickly, sniffling, "Let's go."

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