Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hey, sorry for not posting lately. Some of you probably thought I got hit by Earl :P. Well, I can assure you I'm not dead. Thing is, I've been really busy working on a book with Jessica. We have decided to make it into a Wizard101 movie. We need 12 more people in it though. We also need sets. If you have a Watchtower Hall or Dragon's Fjord and are willing to loan it to us, please let us know. Here's the actors contract:

Actor’s ‘Contract’ & Details
Details: We will be filming, recording, and editing every weekend. You must attend when possible. We will not pressure you to attend when you cannot though. There will be no auditions. If you are accepted, you are accepted.
During the shooting, you must be wearing the outfit we have assigned for you. While you are waiting for your scene, be patient. We will probably need more than one take to get the scene right. Please do not run in front of the person who is recording it. We will usually have a roped off area for you to run around in. Before we film and while we film, you must have your teleports turned off. The only exception is for a fellow actor. While you are (PATIENTLY) waiting for your scene, you may talk. You must be at the location of the shoot at least 5 minutes before the shoot. We may move locations, so please stay with us. Please be serious while you are acting. Our movie will be based on audio and text (done by editing) based, so there is no script, just movements. We may have a Skype call during the shoot, so please do what you’re asked to. (For example, jump when the directors say to) All final judgements are up to the directors. This is a no tolerance movie, so if you are not cooperating, or are goofing around, you will be expelled immediately (kicked out). We will have breaks occasionally, where you can goof off and stretch out.
For the voice recording, we won’t be as serious. We will be editing heavily. Again, be patient. We will probably need more than one take. I will also have to reset the recorder every scene. Follow the script. Please mute your microphones while we are recording if you’re not talking. If you are talking, please don’t breathe too heavily or type too loud. (We don’t want the entire recording ruined by someone breathing or typing)
You’re welcome to party after all the serious shooting and recording.
Again, goofing off will get you kicked off.
Disclaimer: You may need to use some of your own gold

I know it's long, but if you're auditioning it's mandatory to read it. No line memorization is needed, you may read it right off the script if you have skype. We will be doing a voice over call on sykpe after every scene. Come see me, or Jessica if you want to get a part but weren't on today for the auditions. Speaking of auditions, they'll be held at: 12:00 eastern. There are 8 boy roles left and 4 girl roles left. I'll see you there!

p.s. the book's about super heroes.


Heather Raven said...

I am a real life actor but, no skype! *sigh* Break-a-leg!

Blaze Silverfist said...

I'm a real life actor too. I've been wanting a comp-mic for a while now, so it's not that out of the way for me. When would I need it by?

Donna SpellThorn said...

Well, considering we start filming when the first chapter is done, we may start filming in a couple weeks.

Connor Mistblade said...

Hi Donna can I join same as heather though no skype