Friday, September 24, 2010


*has trouble breathing* OK, OK, I think I'm good for now. You know how much of a Percy Jackson nut I am. And there's a sequal, no, NOT, The Kane Series. It's a sequal to Percy Jackson! I know it sounds really bizzarre, but when I finished the series I was increadibly sad. It was a great series, but I was sad I wouldn't be reading it anymore. Yea, the Kane Series is great and it's still Rick Riordan, but, it's no match to Percy's demigod awesomeness. So, mark your calenders for October 15th! Percy Jacksonites, UNITE!

p.s. Yes, I am a big nerd, freak, and weirdo. Deal with it.


Alura said...

*throws on Camp Half-Blood t-shirt*

Dark said...

YESSS!!!! It comes out in 14 days!!!

Alyssa said...

Yeeeaaah... I've known about this for over a year... I've even read the first two chapters.