Thursday, November 4, 2010

One Word: Bono.

OK, so everyone here has heard of him, and if you haven't, you live in a cave. Am I right?WHAT? YOU DON'T KNOW WHO HE IS? SHAME! SHAME ON YOU CAVE PEOPLE! OK, you'll probably know who he is once I explain it. So, my little cave people, BONO IS THE LEAD SINGER FOR U2! And if you have no clue who U2 is, you, my friend, have some serious issues. In music class Mr. Erickson explained a project on a musical person. We were assigned our person, and for me, that's usually bad news. I almost always get the deadbeat person who you can't find any information on. Well, not this time. I got Bono. If you don't know much about him, you're probably thinking he's a jerk who's gotten too obsessed with his career. Well, except for Mr. Macphisto, (his alter ego of a self-centered rock star and the devil) The Fly, (his alter ego of a stereotypical rock star) and Mirror Ball Man (a parody of American televangelists) which are all stage characters, he's pretty down to earth. Despite spray-painting a statue and saying the "f" word on live television, he's a great humanitarian. I will make a list. Yes, a bulleted list.

  • Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

  • Knighted by Queen Elizabeth III

  • Helps decrease debt in third-world countries

  • Has donated thousands of dollars to AIDS foundations

Most of his songs are based of political troubles too. You heard "In The Name of Love"? MLKJr. assassination. What about "Sunday Bloody Sunday"? A bombing on November 8th, 1989 bombing that left 11 dead and 63 injured. Since he has so many great songs, I'll give you a couple Youtube Links.

First: With or Without You

Now, Sunday Bloody Sunday

And now, In The Name Of Love

As awesome as Bono is, there is still one thing that haunts me........*dramatic music*..........

Oh, Bono...The eighties were not good to anyone.


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Alura Duskblade said...

Mullets... Only animated characters can pull those off... Occationally. XD