Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Yea, yea, Thanksgiving, turkey, pilgrims, whatever. OK, since most of you aren't from Mass, you probably won't get my boredom. When you've been wrapped up in all this pilgrims nonsense since 3rd grade, and you've seen the stupid rock, you've seen the Native Americans, you've seen the people dressed up like pilgrims or puritans or turkeys, it gets BORING. Thanksgiving? My opinion? Stupid holiday. It's FOOD for crying out loud! You can have a turkey and gravy and mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce any other time of the year. Another reason for my boredom: TWELVE FREAKING TURKEYS CROSS MY YARD EVERYDAY AND LEAVE US "presents". For whatever reason they disappear around Thanksgiving...COINCIDENCE MUCH? I THINK NOT! *goes forward to 1700's* My great great great (ect. idk how many) grandpa. Josiah Bartlet. Bartlet is not my last name. It's my mom's maiden name, k? Now, if you've been to Bartlet, New Hampshire you've probably seen my relatives. So next time you see a copy of the Declaration of Independence look for his name. Yes, he's signed it. Now, back to Thanksgiving, I'm a picky eater. I don't like turkey. There. I said it. Not to mention I got my nana coming over. I hate it when she comes over. She hates me. You know why? Cause she's exactly like Keira. She's a bully that can't handle the fact that I'm a freak. My mom and dad don't exactly like her either. Why they invite her over year after year? No clue. I would way rather my aunt, uncle, and cousins from Colorado come over, (I actually like them) but the whole Colorado factor is an inconvenience. OK, so, I'll leave you with that rant.



Xinaed said...

I felt the exact same way growing up. So, hang in there. It's just one day.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I can see how it gets boring there :P. I love being with family and all the food of course (I'm picky took ^_^), and it's the start of Christmas season. Btw, every teenager in some way will think they are a freak (me soon too, I'm sure) but nobody is really a freak, we're all beatiful in some way. Have a good day tomorrow anyways, if you can! :)

Heather Raven said...

Thanksgiving is overrated. Yep. I celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving too (I'm half canadian) and BOY! They know how to do it right! None of this pligrim nonsense. Just food. And it's at the proper time of year. October!
Yes thanksgiving is a wonderful extended family hate-fest! I'm so glad my family doesn't do that any more. I feel for you Donna!!! By the way, "freaks" is just another word for "insanely-awesome-people". I bet your Nana's just jealous. You're so cool Donna, don't let anyone tell you other wise.
Good luck with Thanksgiving!