Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Drake Kids


I was too busy with enrollment to go to my classes at all today, so as soon as school was almost out I headed to the Life School. It made be want to barf, it was so alive, but we had agreed to meet here so I couldn't leave. As soon as class was out I bombarded Marissa. She screamed as we both toppled to the ground. "AH! Why did you attack me?!?!?!?" She asked as I held her to the ground. I just flashed her a mad smile as I let go. She got up, brushing the dirt off of her novice clothing when she muttered to herself: "All Death Wizards are insane, I swear." "That's all in a matter of opinion, and in my opinion you're the insane one." I countered. Changing the subject, I inquired, "So why did you bring me here anyway?" She gave me a look like: You really need to ask that? " Well, duh! We look almost exactly alike! That's rare, even in the Wizarding World!" She pointed out, "So?" I said "When there are Wizard twins, they're twin for a reason. We have to talk to Headmaster Ambrose!"

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