Monday, July 5, 2010


(No, I'm not quitting.)

First of all: I apologize for not being on today. But I have a good excuse! I was zip lining! Incredibly cool, incredibly fun! Too bad it was so hot today.... But I'm afraid that I STILL won't be on much. I have Drama Camp for the entire month of July. I'll be on when I can, and days we're off, like Saturdays, Sundays and Fridays. (not an overnight camp) I begin at 8:30 and end at 3:00 . Drama Camp is a lot of fun and I find that the instructors are a little insane, kinda like us, huh? Another reason I wont be on: I don't play on Donna much anymore. Christina's just more fun now that I'm a Grandmaster. In fact....................I've given Christina her own blog!

Yup. Check me out at Hope to see you there!