Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Drake Kids

Before I begin, let me explain why I do two chapters in one day. I left off on a cliff hanger, so I don't want to leave you "hanging". Hope you enjoy, this is the part where the story gets good...


We arrived at the Headmaster's house, to find Ambrose with his nose in a book. We waited for about 15 minutes for him to look up, but he never did. Finally, Marissa spoke up, "Headmaster Ambrose?" she said, trying to get his attention. He looked up, startled, then sighed, seeing us together must have been bad news. "Oh, dear..." He muttered, shaking his head. "It appears you have found your identical twin," I didn't know which one of us he was talking to, as he looked at the space between us. "So?" I said aggressively, "We're twins, so what? We're no different than any other twins in the Spiral!" He shook his head, disappointed "If only it were that simple. You two, are the children, of Sylvia and Malistaire Drake!" Marissa's expression is hard to describe. She was...dumbstruck? Flabbergasted? Astonished? There isn't a word in the dictionary good enough. "W-what?!" She managed. I had no idea who these people were, and why Ambrose looked so worried. "What are you talking about?" I shouted. Marissa explained: "Malistaire was the old Death professor, and Sylvia was the old Life professor, they were married." I noticed that she kept saying "was" "Well, what happened to them then?" It was Ambrose' turn to explain this time "Sylvia died after a terrible cold, and then Malistaire went through the Spiral trying to bring her back-" Marissa jumped in "But he was found and defeated by a group of wizards before he could bring her back." Now it was my turn to be dumbstruck, "So, our parents are dead?" Marissa then took great interest in her shoe "Yup, pretty much."

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