Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Ninjas: Dark and Light

Recently, I created two new, er, "alter egos". The Dark, and Light Ninjas. Because I spend so much time as them, I thought I'd tell you about them. First: The Dark Ninja.

She's completely evil, and nothing gets in her way. Her weapons: dual swords and throwing stars. Though she only carries one sword at a time, the other is hidden on her person. She carries a pouch by her hip, and she rarely uses it unless she gets really angry. For, it is, a poison pouch. It contains deadliest poison known to man and wizard. It takes 48 hours to actually kill the victim, but the pain is unbearable. As for the throwing stars, she keeps them in her boots. She never misses, and if you engage her in battle, unless your her sister, your not coming out of the battle unless Light Ninja shows up. Her curved sword bares many a bloodstain, and no one but Light Ninja has survived a battle with her. She has also been known to disguise as her sister to lure her victims into thinking they're safe. The only way you can tell them apart is there swords. She wears her badge proudly: Ninja Slayer.

Now for her identical twin sister, Light Ninja.

The exact opposite of Dark Ninja: a true savior of the Spiral. Her mortal enemy is Dark Ninja, and she does everything she can to stop her. They are locked in mortal combat for eternity. Dark and Light Ninja cannot die. They are immortal, and whenever they are hurt, they regenerate. Light Ninja only has one sword, and the pouch on her hip is for healing. It counteracts Dark Ninja's poison. It can also be used to heal anything else. She also wears her badge proudly: Sword Saint.

And now, their similarities.

No one knows their real names. They are only known as Dark and Light Ninja. No one knows how they regenerate themselves, but there is suspicion that their DNA is mixed with plasma. They are identical twins. If they want or need to, they will kill whoever they want to. They are the most powerful beings ever created in the Spiral and they cannot be beaten.

I think I'll have to make a story about them after The Drake Kids don't you?


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