Wednesday, June 16, 2010


OK, OK, I gotta stop laughing. *tries to control self* OK, Kestrel was on Kymma and I was on Christina, and we had an odd conversation. I started spinning and then I moved my screen so that I was looking up my skirt.I then started screaming "MY UNDERWEAR IS BLACK!" and then the conversation went like this: "Well do you honestly think Kingsisle would make blue and white underpants?" "It should come with the robe, really." "That would be funny if they actually did that!" "Yea, have a little section at the bazaar for underwear!" "LOL! What would that look like if it dropped? Maybe a little bikini thing?" "YOU HAVE RECEIVED FRILLY PANTIES IN YOUR INVENTORY!" "LOL" "WAIT! WE NEED UNDERSHIRTS FOR GIRLS!" "WHAT?" "WELL IF YOU'RE A GIRL OVER A 'CERTAIN AGE' YOU NEED AN UNDERSHIRT! AND IT SHOULDN'T BE EQUIPPED TILL LEVEL 15!" "I don't know, it doesn't look very flattering if you have an undershirt showing through your robes." "Well, we can't see athames, rings, and amulets. I suspect these would be the same." "Right," OK, now I give you the picture that started this whole conversation! TA DA:

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