Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bookieness (is that a word?)

OK, I still cant get W101 up so I'm feeling bookie. I thought I'd tell you my favorite books that you really SHOULD read.

1) Percy Jackson and The Olympians 1-5 plus The Demigod Files.

2) The Kane Series 1st book only 'cause the others aren't out yet.

3) Harry Potter 1-7 and I'm sure the Tales of Beetle Le Bard (spelling?) even though I haven't read that extra book yet I'm sure it's good.

4) 11 Birthdays I absolutely LOVE Wendy Mass, she write really well.

5) Circle of Magic Sandry's, Tris', Daja's AND Briar's Book(s). These are really good and they're about Mages (no, NOT a Wizard there's a HUGE difference. A Mage only has one magic talent, Wizards can have multiple) I must warn you though, Briar's Book is sad. There's a plague going around and Briar's street rat friend (yes, he's a former street rat), Flick, gets sick. You're really rooting for her to get better and then she dies.-.-CURSE YOU, TAMORA PIERCE! YOU KILLED FLICK!

6) Eragon, Eldest, and Brisinger.

Alright, that's about it. While we're on the subject, some of you may or may not know of my dream to become a big time author. I' hoping to get a book published by this time next year. If I do, I'll tell you what to look for here. Don't look for the first name Donna because:

a) My real name isn't Donna

b) I'm gonna use a pseudonym. My pseudonym is Jane White, who happens to be mute (which I am not)

Well, hope you find time to read all of these great books if you have not. Oh yea! One more thing. One of the main characters in Circle of Magic is a thread Mage named Lark. I happen to have an outfit that makes me look A LOT like Lark.

So, the skin is too light and the hair is too long, plus, Lark doesn't carry a lightning sword. O.o But still, the outfit look like Lark.

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