Friday, June 18, 2010

The Drake Kids

Before I start this, I have to say that I'm sorry I've been ignoring it, I need someone to hammer me on it.

I stepped outside and what could I say? It was amazing, and wonderful and just-magic!
I looked around for a second; and then, I felt something I've never felt before: I felt that I
belonged.Smiling, for once, I ran to the Unicorn Way gate. Before I had a chance to react, I ran into a girl dressed in green trimmed with black. We both fell down and her books and notes went everywhere. "I'm so sorry!" I said, helping her gather up her books. "It's all right, it was an accident." We both looked up, and I was astonished. We had the same face, skin color and eyes. The only thing different was the hair. She had long, curly, orange hair. While I had even longer, black, braided hair. "Whoa..." we both said at once. "Um," I tried to pretend nothing had happened, as a picked up a large, green book. "The History of Life Magic? What's Life? I'm new here and I have no idea about anything." I said handing her the book. "Life is my school of magic," She explained "And judging by your appearance, I'd say you're a Necromancer." I suddenly remembered a word Headmaster Amborse had said: Necromancer, or Death student. "Well, I have to go talk to Private Stillson." As I walked away, I heard her call after me "Wait!" she yelled "My name's Marissa. Meet me in the Life Tower when school gets out today. See ya, Sarai." "Wait! How did you know my name-?" I called after her, but she was already gone, gone, without a trace.

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