Sunday, October 17, 2010


OK, first of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALIA, YOU CHEZ-LOVING MANIAC! I'm at her party this very minute and we're having fun. Heather and I are witches, so why is it we can go swimming in the pool without melting? This question haunts me....ANYWAY I keep trying to get Alia, my pretty, and her little FAIRY too. Here's a picture:
Secondly: I'm gonna get the Massive Fantasy Palace tomorrow. If I don't have too much homework, I'll have some friends over to "break it in". It will the set for POWERS, and new piggle palace. Feel free to stop by. But before you come, you should know I'm very strict. If any people teleport that I find obnoxious, I will send them away. If anyone becomes violent, I will send them away. If a friend gets out of hand, don't take it personally, but I will send you away. Despite the rules, enjoy yourself! Boat tours will be taking place so you can line up for one.
Cya tomorrow!

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