Friday, October 29, 2010


Those of you who have skype will understand this better. I made a Weemee. A Justin Beaver Weemee. Being the Beaver-hater that I am, It's not just any Beaver Weemee. It's a MOCK Beaver Weemee. I figured, since so many of you hate Justin Beaver, that you might like to see it. Here it is!

That kid has never looked better. You may be wondering, why I didn't include a microphone. The answer: HE SINGS LIKE A DROWNING CAT! For those of you nit jobs on here who actually like Beaver, I apologize, but you belong in a psychiatric hospital. I ask a very important question. If you threw a bucket of water at him, would he melt? How long has he been singing? Maybe he's the cause of global warming. I bet, if they exist, Martians from Pluto have to block their ears from his hideous shrieks with space rocks. Seriously, dude, do the universe a favor, STOP. SINGING.



Victoria Spiritblossom said...
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Blaze Silverfist said...

Seriously Donna? That's pathetic. Making fun of someone who does what they enjoy doing? If billions of people made fun of you for playing Wizard101, wouldn't it really hurt your feelings? Something that you think that you're good at and something you've done all your life? What if you had something that you couldn't control and people made fun of you for it. Like being short? How would it make you feel if people made fun of you for being short every day of your life, just making cruel jokes about it. That's what you're doing to Justin. So what if he hasn't hit puberty yet? I'm not that far in yet either. Does that mean people should make fun of me? Of course not. Justin Bieber is a huge inspiration to me to keep doing what I love to do and believe in myself. He has showed me that even though I'm just a normal kid, I can still become famous just by doing something that I feel good about and love doing. Go think about that.

~Blaze Silverfist
The Awesome Sauce-erer

Victoria Spiritblossom said...

Ok I hate to take a side in this, but Blaze is kinda right. It's getting a little harsh. But also, lighten up dude. It's Halloween. You might be forgetting that this weekend is when some people are pulling major pranks. It is mean to make fun of him, but we're just joking around. Not really meaning to hurt anyone, I'm sure.

I know it's bad, but I'm still kind of laughing about someone throwing a water bottle at him. I mean, err, lighten up or something.

Alia Lotuspetal said...


Ok, I think I agree with Victoria.

I think this WAS a little harsh, but still, Victoria does have a point.


I bet at least one person in the world is going as Justin Bieber wearing a dress. Seriously.

Millions of people make fun of him, and I have to say, this post WAS slightly harsh, Donna, but the picture was just a result of a lot of free time, and an opinion of one of the most widely known people in the world.

I even admit I make fun of the guy sometimes. (dangit I just lost the game.) But I never made a post totally dedicated to hating him! Sure, I gave out imaginary Beaver-Fever vaccines, but I was only just joking around, lolz.

In conclusion, this has probably been my longest comment ever, and 1: Blaze should kind-of-ish lighten up. 2: Donna should kinda lower down the harshness. 3: I totally agree with Victoria. and 4: I like cheez.

~The LotusPetal

Alura Duskblade said...

Hmm... Well, considering some people have voiced their opinion already, here's what I think:
First off (so no one gets confused): I'm not a Justin Bieber fan.
Second: I can respect Justin Bieber and his fans. Bieber does support an anti-bullying association, and his fans can be nice people. The only fans of his I can't handle are the overly-obsessed fangirls, but that goes for people that are obsessed anything/anyone really.
Third: I have made fun of Justin Bieber, and I actually thought he was a girl when I heard a song of his on the radio (my sister told me after the song ended). But I have made fun of things I enjoy as well... Example; I like some Lady Gaga songs, but I'm all for parodies. =3

(This comment was written not to offend anyone, but to make my point...)

Blaze Silverfist said...

K. I can just get a little over the top when I'm defending something I believe in. :3

It's just I can kinda relate to him. I mean I knpow I've said this a thousand times and it must seem like I';m going for sympathy, but I'm, TOTALLY NOT. I've been made fun of since 2nd grade (7 years going on 8 now) and I know what it feels like to be made fun of by a lot of people, so I just really feel for the guy.

I just think that the public needs to have a heart. That's all. :)