Saturday, December 10, 2011


Notice anything different? Eh? No? (note: it's not the gold)

And the good thing is, now that Zafaria's out I can continue questing in Celestia (I've been lazy)

and still level!



cactusflinthead said...

Gotta get your WW gear. Until they come up with something better it is the best in the game. Not to mention the occasional megas that drop from the fish and squid.

Duncan Daystone said...

haha The only reason I'm done with ToS is that I wanted to start Zafaria when it came out. Otherwise it would probably still be sitting in my quest book :)
The xp from ToS alone put me about half a level ahead of the ZF storyline, though!

Anonymous said...

congratulations! i'm sorry i havent been on W101 in so long, and even more that we dont talk anymore. you dont know how much i miss W101 and you and scarlet, etc. i think about playing all the time, and constantly beg my mom to let me on once again. its a shame that everyone has been leaving, because, well, its just sad. i hope ill be back soon so i can talk to you again on the game. i really hope you see this. i'll be sad if you don't. i'm getting closer an closer to being able to return, but even i do i might not have a sub for a little bit. please tell me scarlet isnt gone yet?? im jealous. i hope i can make it to level 60 too sometime(:

-you should know who this is.
-if you don't, its Jen HS. :{D