Sunday, February 26, 2012

Okay, So, Here's the Thing...

I've been putting off this post.

A lot of my closer, online friends have quit Wizard101, and without them, I just don't think it's as fun anymore. I still keep in touch with them, but we can't have anymore wacky adventures. And almost every one of you have said that you love Wizard101 for the community, right? I do too. But my community--my friends, the ones of my blogging generation--they're gone.

I haven't been on Wizard101 in two months. Long story short, I think I might be the next to join the Dead Bloggers Club.


Wizard101 just isn't that much fun for me anymore. It has nothing to do with anything happening in game, or in the community. I haven't left Wizard101 for Minecraft, though it is more fun for me. It's possible that I could get hooked again, and continue playing. If that doesn't happen...I'm leavin. I'll keep up my skype, and twitter, under different names. This blog will stay up for the next generations. If I do end up quitting, I'll probably put up a new blog, more about my life and what I'm doing. Drawings I've done, things I found interesting, and probably stuff I built in Minecraft.

But, for now....


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