Monday, July 25, 2011


For the record, I was totally against this.

Pfff. I wasn't.

Wait....I have WHAT?

I don't want to get involved here.

I may regret this later, but right now, I don't care! You see, my sister, Nicole, hates showing her hair.

Chris, I swear I'm going to kill you.

...Which is why she usually wears a hood. This is her usual one:

Hey, since when did you hit level 20?

June. Chris, you do realise I have heck hound now, right?

Yes,and I have Frostbite. But you see, Donna had the idea-

-Which is why I think it's stupid.

I'll pull out my centaur right now and have him shoot you.-

-to have us each do Crab Alley and make a rebel outfit. Cap of Diplomacy, Rockin' Outfit, Adventurer Boots, in our regular colors, then whatever wand/staff/sword we happen to use most. And with the cap of diplomacy, your hair shows.


I swear, when I get meteor strike, you're going down.

I support this completely.

Okaaaay, I'm going to shut this down before the blog explodes or something.

This may be my last night to live!
It will be.
Why am I even here?
I'll be keeping Nicole from killing Christina.

(Disclaimer: Nicole Ravenblood is my level 21 Pyromancer, Paige Dayriver is my level 34 Sorcerer, Donna Spellthorn is me, level 54 (almost 55) Theurgist, Christina Spiritthistle is my level 37 Thaughmaturge, Brooke Stormcaster is my level 15 Diviner, and Scarlet Duskglade is my level 16 Necromancer)

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Christina DreamGe said...

I hate showing my hair too... >_>