Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mounts For Everyone!

Yup! a mount for every character. I got some pictures and I'll be inviting everyone to introduce themselves. First off, is my close friend, Christina Spirit Thistle!

Christina: Sup y'all! I know, I've been on this before. Remember, the Wizarding Partners Post? That was me!

Donna: Why don't you show us your picture now, Chris?

Christina: OK, in this picture I'm on a chestnut pony named Peanut. I took the picture in the Ice House preview.

Donna: Nice, Chris!

Christina: Thanks. :)

Donna: Alright, now we bring out...ugh. *talks in bored, annoyed voice* Scarlet DuskGlade. Yippe.

Christina: Donna, don't sink to her level.

Scarlet: WHAT?!?!?!

Donna: Now Scarlet, we've talked about this. You're not to use that attitude of yours on MY blog.

Scarlet: Fine. How's this? Woohoo. I'm on a Life Wizard's blog. *says to self* Worst. School. EVER!

Donna: I heard that! And fyi, I used to hate my opposite school too! Stupid Duncan ruined it for everyone.

Scarlet: Don't you dare sass Duncan! He happens to be a higher level than you Miss level 43!

Christina: *sing song voice* Scarlet's in lo-ove, Scarlet's in lo-ove!


Christina and Donna: Ooh, big scary level 7! Oh no! I'm SO scared!

Scarlet: I hate both of you.

Chris and Donna: We know. :)

Donna: Alright, just show us your picture.

Scarlet: Fine. Let's just get it over with! *throws arms up in air*

Scarlet: This is Fang. Can I go now?

Donna: No.

Scarlet: Why not?!?!?!?!

Donna: *Ignores Scarlet* Next up is...Nicole RavenBlood!

Christina: What?!?! Why?!?!?!

Donna: Now Chris, if I can put up with HER *points to Scarlet* I'm sure you can put up with Nicole.

Christina: Fine.

Nicole: Hi Donna, hi scarlet. Oh...hi Christina...

Christina: *fake sweet voice* Hi Nicole!

Donna: Alright, let's do this quickly. Nicole, let's see your picture.

Nicole: Alright, here it is! Me on ol' Ruby!

Donna: Sweet, Nicole!

Nicole: Thanks, Donna!

Donna: Alright, next up we have Paige DayRiver!

Paige: Hey, everyone! My picture is of me, on my trusty enchanted broom!

Donna: Nice! Last but not least, is...Amber ShadowGrove!

Amber: Hi. My picture is of me on my bengal tiger.

Donna: (Forgive Amber, she's shy.)

Amber: Tada!

Donna: OK, looks like we're done here!

Christina: Donna, aren't we forgetting someone?

Donna: No, don't think so.

Christina: *sigh* It's YOU Donna!

Donna: Oh, oops. K, here's mine. I fly!

Donna: Well, that's it! Time to wrap up this post! Say bye everyone!

Christina: See ya guys!

Paige: Later!

Nicole: Bubye!

Amber: Bye.

Scarlet: I hate you all!

Donna: Bye everyone! See ya next post!

Alura: Wait, why don't I get to talk?

Donna: Alura, you're on another account and you're not a subscriber. A.K.A. you can't go on Test!


Alura: The little-known Alura WillowBreeze is out!

Donna: Alura, you know that that's Alia's bit!

Alura: Fine. But I'm still out!


Alia Lotuspetal said...

Alura! That's MY bit! xD


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Donna SpellThorn said...

Bad girl Alura! *scolds* You weren't even supposed to BE in that post!