Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Piggle Army

I went on the TR and placed my piggles in my basement. I then decided that they looked like a piggle army. This gave me an idea. I organized my piggles in y front yard on five rows of five with Rocky in front. Before they had a chance to move, I took this:

This is the army that Rocky will use when he takes over the Spiral. Malistaire, try beating this army! Fat, chubby, phat, pudgy piggles will PWN YOU!


Heather Raven said...


Alyssa said...

Ok, here's the interview:

1) How long have you been playing Wizards?

2) Who was your first Wizard101 blogging friend? (Didn't have to meet ingame)

3)How did you hear of Wizard101?

4) How long do you think it will take to become a grandmaster?

5) What inspired you to blog?

6) Do you have hopes that you will become a fansite?

7) Who did you (Or still do) look up to as a blogger?

8) What are you excieted for in Celestia?

9) What do you think of the new pets addition that has now been released?

10) What advice do you have for future bloggers?

There's the interview. Post your reply on Duo of Death as a comment, WITH THE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS, cause I'll be copying and past this.