Friday, August 19, 2011

Regarding the Party

Alright, for the non-twizards, the party has been postponed, on account of the friend glitch. The party has been postponed to its original time TOMORROW night. Just a reminder, the port bus is Golem Court, Vampire Area 1, look for Alura Willowbreeze. The time is 8:00 PM EST, but the port bus starts at 7:45. If the bug is not fixed by then, well, I'll figure something out. By the way, Donna is NOT going to be at the party, as the house belongs to my Balance Wiz, and I need to monitor for trolls.
Sorry for the inconvenience, the location is still a secret, and thanks for the understanding!


p.s. For that one person who has apparently had the idea that this is THEIR party, I'd like to remind them that they do not even know the location, that I had the idea for it, and I am the host. If you continue with such actions, I will be forced to bring out the frying pan.

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Sierra Seashade said...

Dang it-
It totally slipped my mind...would it help if I said 'sorry'?